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Student Life

At Ryerson, we understand that there is life outside the classroom. Whether you want to join a student society, participate in an international exchange, or discuss global issues, there are many opportunities for you.

Ryerson History Society (RHS)


The RHS is the course union for History BA students. The RHS represents the interests of History undergraduates, and sponsors activities such as social events, public lectures, career information sessions, and opportunities for students to present academic papers. The RHS also hosts film nights dedicated to the depiction and interpretation of international historical events. The RHS promotes the appreciation of both history and current affairs. We welcome everyone in the university community to participate in RHS activities.

Please see the Ryerson Historical Review, a collection of written works compiled by our talented RHS members. 


President: Alexandra Ouzounis (

Vice-President, Operations: Serena Rice (

Vice-President, Finance: Fanuel Hagos (

Vice-President, Marketing and Communications: Britney Pagliuca (

Vice-President, External and Internal Affairs: Mackenzie Hickie (

Vice-President, Student Life and Events: Wyeth Robertson (

Deputy, Marketing: Cassie Campbell (

Please check out our upcoming events and follow us on Facebook. For more information, visit or contact the faculty advisor, Dr. Arne Kislenko, at


Student Experience Centre

Get Involved

The Student Experience Centre helps you find opportunities to enrich your undergraduate experience. The centre offers a wide range of programs and services to help you make lasting connections, get engaged in campus and community life, learn through experience, and achieve your academic, personal, and career goals through volunteer opportunities, mentoring, student project grants, international exchanges – and much more.

For more information on how to get involved, visit the Student Experience Centre

 International Issues Discussion Series (IID)

The IID lecture series was founded in 2005 as a non-partisan, student-led forum designed to engage all members of the Ryerson University community on major events and issues in contemporary global affairs through reasoned, objective, and scholarly discourse. Since its creation, the IID has tackled some of the most important and controversial issues in international affairs, including US foreign policy, China on the world stage, the re-emergence of Russian power, the Arab-Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Indo-Pakistani relations, the nuclear threat from North Korea, and national security in Canada. Now one of Ryerson’s largest and best-known lecture series, the IID continues to explore numerous topics of interest and attracts expert international speakers.

For details on IID talks and speakers, or to learn more about getting involved, please see or contact Dr. Arne Kislenko (IID founder and faculty advisor) at

The Mosaic Institute 

The Mosaic Institute is an action-oriented think tank that harnesses the connections, knowledge and resources of Canada’s ethnocultural communities to advance Canadian solutions and promote peace and development in conflict-ridden or under-developed parts of our world. Based in Toronto, one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, the Mosaic Institute believes that the knowledge, resources and global connections of passionate Canadians from all corners of the globe have the potential to change our world. These “citizen experts” are uniquely positioned to enhance Canada’s global commitment to the advancement of peace and development.

We are in the process of establishing student chapters across Canada, which will challenge extremism, build bridges between ethnocultural communities on campus, and empower young people to be global peace builders. For more information, please visit our UofMosaic Chapters page or contact Dr. Arne Kislenko (faculty advisor) at