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Student Spotlight

Aviva Gomes-Bhatt

Aviva Gomes-Bhatt






Department of History


"Being able to visit sites, including labour camps, prisons, and memorials was intensely sobering, and allowed me to experience the history of the place in a unique way that can’t be replicated in a classroom." 

"Back at Ryerson, I have also been fortunate enough to be a part of two student initiatives. As the Vice President of the Ryerson History Society, I take great pride in being able to provide opportunities for other History students by way of events and activities. As a leader and co-host of the International Issues Discussion Series, I am able to bring attention to important and diverse global issues by helping to facilitate discussions between a wide array of speakers, students, and other community members."


Aviva is a fourth-year English and History double major. This summer she traveled to Germany to study Nazi History at the Freie Universitat in Berlin on a full scholarship. "This was such a valuable experience for me, because it gave me the chance to study one of my favourite fields of history while being immersed in the environment in which the events I learned about took place."