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Community Standards

Guest Policy

In order to slow the spread of COVID-19, Housing and Residence Life will be restricting guest access to buildings for the foreseeable future. Students will be permitted to have two guests assist them with their move in process on their designated move in day.

Overnight guests are not permitted at this time. Housing and Residence Life continues to monitor all public health regulations related to COVID-19 and will update students of any changes to our guest policy throughout the year.

Students who have concerns about the guest policy are encouraged to connect with the Housing office.

Community Standards

The Residence Community Standards set out clear expectations of acceptable behaviour within the residence community and the consequences for behaviour that is contrary to these expectations.

google docCommunity Standards (2021-2022), external link, opens in new window

How have you felt about living with roommate(s)? Have you had a chance to talk about your needs as a member of the community?

As a community member of Housing & Residence Life, students may be required to complete a Roommate Success Plan.

It is your responsibility to work with your roommates and discuss these questions and document your responses in this form, as outlined in the Housing & Residence Life Community Standards. 

Here are some tips:

1. Only one of the roommates needs to fill out this form on behalf of the room, apartment or suite.
2. Everyone in the room, apartment or suite needs to be present. 
3. This should take you about 20 minutes to 1 hour to complete.
4. Communicate honestly and effectively.
5. Seek assistance when needed to avoid conflicts from your RA, AL, or your Residence Life Facilitator.

This is the beginning of an on-going conversation while you are living with others in residence, and the goal of the Roommate Success Plan is to ensure you and your roommates feel like your needs are being met and your 'wants' are considered. 

Please work with your roommate(s) to discuss the questions. Your RA will follow-up with you to discuss, but you can also connect with them if you'd like them to also be a part of this first step of the process.


The Personal Success Plans are designed to help you consider and reflect on your personal transition to living independently and for your academic success. Your RA will receive a copy of your responses and will set up a time for you to discuss what you've submitted. If there is anything you'd like advice on or if you're unsure about, please connect with an RA and/or AL.

Bicycles are not allowed in your rooms and must be locked up outside, or in the parking garage beneath Pitman Hall.

To obtain more information about locking your bike in the parking garage beneath Pitman Hall, fill out google formthis form, external link, opens in new window or pop into the Housing Office!

Year long quiet hours:

Friday - Saturday 1am-10am
Sunday - Thursday 11pm-8am

Exam periods : 24 hours a day*

  • 1st Semester exam quiet hours start: 1:00am TBA
  • 2nd Semester exam quiet hours start: 1:00am TBA
  • 8pm - 9pm nightly there will be no quiet hours to relax and be able to make moderate noise.

During quiet hours, we ask that you respect your neighbours by ensuring that you aren’t disrupting their study time. Speakers, TV's, etc. should be kept at a low volume (or used with headphones) and room doors should be kept closed. Noise that can be heard outside of a room or lounge is not permitted. Treat others as you would like to be treated the night before a big exam!

*24 hour quiet hours are relaxed daily between 8 pm - 9 pm to allow for moderate levels of noise.

24 hour Quiet Hours Commence: Please review the "Quiet Hours" tab for exact dates & times

No overnight guests allowed: None due to COVID-19.

If you would like to request an overnight guest during the exam period please complete an google formOvernight Guest Exemption Form, external link.

Academic Support & Study Space

Please keep in mind that Academic Links are available to help you leading up to exams.  Your Academic Link will continue to host office hours through finals should you need extra support.  If you do not know your Academic Link's office hours, please feel free to email and someone will be in touch with your AL's contact info and office hours.

The AL lounge is open 24 hours as a quiet study space. Group studying can happen in the AL Lounge, with both friends from on and off campus.

Please see your Academic link for any issues you feel you are facing with your academics.  See them earlier rather than later - they are here to help!

Level 1

Appeal inquiries can be made using the appeal request form. Appeals are reviewed by Housing and Residence Life on a case-by-case basis.

Housing & Residence Life is committed to ensuring that student residence records accurately reflect their time and behaviour in residence.

While the University expects that any decisions made by Residence Life Staff are fair consistent and objective, the University recognizes the need to take personal circumstance into account during decision-making in order to support students who face personal difficulties or events,

Students should refer to Housing & Residence Life Residence Contract and the Residence Community Standards for detailed information on:

  •  the various types of residence consideration that may be requested
  •  the necessary documents required for an appeal - such as appeal forms, and medical certificates and
  •  the procedures to be followed during an appeal.

Students are responsible for gathering and reviewing all pertinent information prior to the submission of a formal residence appeal. Incomplete appeal submissions will not be accepted. Students are responsible for ensuring that a formal appeal is submitted, within five (5) days and must adhere to the timelines established in this policy.

The Residence Appeals process reflects decision-making in an academic environment and, as such, cannot be equated to decision-making in the judicial system. All decisions will be made in accordance with the principles of natural justice and fairness.