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#EndYourCommute - How to Apply

Check your email weekly!

Throughout the residence application period you will receive frequent courtesy emails with reminders and information.

1. Research Buildings and Fees
  • Research the residence buildings, room styles & fees available for undergraduate students and graduate students

  • Building & Room Styles - Not all buildings and room styles will be available, as it depends on which rooms have been vacated by a previous resident

  • Fees - Residence fees are prorated (reduced) on weekly basis, so you only pay for the time that you're living in residence.

    Ex. If you're offered a residence space the first week of February, you wouldn't pay for any weeks in January or earlier.
2. Apply Online
  • Applications are now open!
  • Create a residence application portal account (eRez) and submit your online application
  • To complete your application, please submit the online application and pay the $50 application fee.

***If you experience issues trying to log into the online application please contact Housing & Residence Life,

3. Pay the $50 Application Fee
  • Application will not be considered complete until the $50 application fee is paid
  • Check out the payment options available
  • The application fee is a portion of the overall residence fees
  • Payments typically 3 to 5 business days to be processed.
  • Want to speed things up? Please send a copy of your payment to Housing & Residence Life (
4. Waiting Period For Assignments

Assignment Period

  • Rooms are offered as they become available (e.g. when a resident moves out) and on a first come, first serve basis
  • Prior to receiving an offer you will be placed on the residence waiting list

    This will allow you to see you position on the waiting list and also receive regular weekly email updates.
5. Receive Email

Residence Offers

  • Residence offers are sent out on a weekly basis, providing there are rooms available
  • Residence offers include two emails: a standard offer email from the residence application portal AND a prorated residence fees email - these emails will include important dates and information on your next steps

  • Prior to receiving an offer, each week you will receive a waiting list update, until we're able to offer you a space in residence
6. Respond to Your Offer

Accept Residence Offer

Accept residence offers & select meal plan

  • Select meal plan and accept residence offer both through eRez
  • Deadline to accept will be indicated in the offer email, please ensure you accept by this deadline. Deadlines are typically within a week of being offered a space in residence.


Pay first installment fee

  • Acceptance is not complete until fee is paid
  • Deadline to pay will be indicated in the offer email, please ensure you accept by this deadline
  • Pay fees as outlined in your residence offer
  • If paying near a deadline send a copy of your payment to Housing & Residence Life (
7. Move into Residence
  • Once you have accepted your offer and paid the first installment fee as outlined in your residence offer, the following business day you can come to the Housing & Residence Life office (Pitman Hall, 160 Mutual St., PIT-100) during business hours (M-F, 10 am to 5 pm) to pick up your keys
  • Please be prepared to have your photo taken for your residence ID card as well
Important Dates

Important Dates

  • Open Now - Residence applications are now open. Apply today!
  • Weekly - Residence offers will be sent out weekly providing rooms are available. Waiting list updates will be sent out weekly until you're offered a space in residence.

Are you interested in staying in residence over the summer? We have spaces available! Please check out summer residence for more details.