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Refunds & Withdrawing

We understand that circumstances arise that might make you consider withdrawing from residence. We are here to support you and we would recommend you reach out to your Residence Advisor, Academic Link or Residence Life Facilitator for support. 

The Residence Agreement is for a period of 8 months (DCC, ILC, Pitman Hall) or 12 months (HOEM). Please see section 6.0 in the 8 month housing agreement and section 9.0 in the 12 month housing agreement for details on withdrawing from Residence.

Students are financially responsible for their space in residence until another student takes over their financial responsibility. At this point, they are released from their fees. 

Housing & Residence Life works diligently to have students accept residence offers to help to minimize your ongoing financial risk, however there is a risk that you will continue to be responsible for the weekly rent charge after you have moved out - especially the later in the school year you withdraw. Please note that as per your agreement, you are also responsible for a $400.00 residence withdrawal fee. The withdrawal fee will be charged to your RAMSS account after you've moved out of residence.

In special cases, students are eligible to request a release from their financial responsibility on the grounds of academic, medical or compassionate reasons.

Requests can only be made within 30 days of the date you submitted the withdrawal form and/or moved-out of residence. You must also submit supporting evidence of your request by that period.

Requests will be reviewed by Housing & Residence Life, and Canadian Student Communities Inc. for students withdrawing from HOEM residence, and a final decision will be sent via email to you within a month.