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Residence Council 

Residence Council is a great way to get involved in residence.  If you were part of your student activity council in high school, enjoy planning events, enjoy student leadership, or are looking to start something new then residence council is a terrific place to start.  Each floor will elect a floor president in the first few weeks of school.  Floor presidents are the basis of the council with a representative from each floor/house in residence.  The council then works together to plan residence wide events and activities.
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Residence Recruitment Team

The Residence Recruitment Team is comprised of outgoing students living in residence who are looking to represent the community as Residence Ambassadors.

What's Involved?

  • RRT members will be trained to be a tour presenter and ambassador for residence
  • RRT will be an integral part of the team helping to recruit students to residence and Ryerson
  • There are tours (in-person or virtual) and Open House events during the school year, and guides would be responsible for presenting the residence portion
  • RRT will engage through social media such as Facebook and Instagram with both current and prospective residents
  • RRT will receive a stipend of $175 at the end of the fall and winter term ($350 total)

The team is hired by the Housing Office at the beginning of September. Speak to your Residence Advisor if you are interested!