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Accessibility Accommodation Request

(PDF) Residence Accessibility Accommodation Request Form

Meeting our students accommodation and accessibility needs are important to us. As a part of the residence application, Housing & Residence Life has a process for students looking for appropriate residence accommodations and supports.

Part of the process requires students to provide documentation supporting their request(s) from an appropriate registered health care professional who is aware of the need for accessibility accommodation(s). This professional should be aware of your need and can assess its impact on your living in residence.

If you require an accessibility accommodation please complete the (PDF) Residence Accessibility Accommodation Request Form.  The form must be submitted by June 3, 2019, for consideration in the 2019-2020 1st Round of residence offers.

Final room assignments are determined by the Housing & Residence Life Office according to the level of functional limitation and need, in conjunction with an appraisal of the residence options available to accommodate the need. Please note that submission of a Residence Accessibility Accommodation Request form does not guarantee a spot in residence. To receive consideration, a student's accommodation requirements must be such that it would be detrimental for him/her to live off campus, as determined by Ryerson University.

If you need any assistance completing the following form or have any questions please contact Housing & Residence Life.

Phone: (416) 979-5284