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Ryerson Student Fee Account (RAMSS Account)

Each student at Ryerson has a Student Fee Account. Any fees you pay to Ryerson will appear in this account. You can pay into this account in a number of ways: in person at your bank, online, telephone banking.

To access your Ryerson Student Fee Account you sign in to with your student ID (beginning of your Ryerson email) and password. Once you’ve logged in you can use the RAMSS tab at the top of the screen to access your Student Fee Account.

The balance displayed by RAMSS will likely be a combination of tuition & residence fees. When paying money into your student fee account your money will be applied to whichever charge has been attached to your account the longest.

For assistance on accessing and reading your Ryerson Student Fees in your RAMSS account, please contact the ServiceHub at the Registrar's Office.