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Safety & Security

Residence Services Desk Security

PIT, ILC, HOEM, and DCC are access-controlled 24 hours a day.

The residence service desks are staffed by student staff during the day and security officers at night.

The residence services desks maintain access control to the buildings. Residents must present their building specific Residence I.D. card to prove they live in the building to gain access to the residence floors.

Guests who are interested in visiting the building must be signed in with a resident and must remain with their host resident while in the building. Guests must provide photo identification when being signed in to be allowed into the residence.

Ryerson Telephone Security

All Ryerson telephones are part of the safety system on campus.

If a member of the Ryerson community is experiencing an emergency on campus they can pick up the phone and dial "80". The emergency "80" phone line is the equivalent of calling "911" outside of Ryerson. The emergency "80" phone line gets community members directly in touch with security officers who will assess the situation and ensure the appropriate action is taken.

For more information regarding safety and security on campus please visit the Ryerson Security website.