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Move-In FAQ

When is move in day?

Move-in Day is on Sunday, August 30th, 2020 from 8 am - 2:30 pm.


What time can I start to move in?

Move-in Day begins at 8 am and you will be able to get your keys from us at that time.


Are there specific times to move in depending on what building you live in or what floor you live on?

Yes, you will receive an email from Housing & Residence Life with your specific move-in period. If you have not received this email, please contact Housing & Residence Life.


What do I need to be able to get my keys?

You will need to bring a piece of photo ID with you.


When will I get my OneCard?

Providing you have submitted a proper photo to the OneCard office by August 15, 2020, your OneCard will be available for pick-up with your keys on Move-In Day.


Do I need to bring my own trolley/dolly?

We will provide dollies and trolleys however if you have your own you may want to bring it to help the flow of traffic.


Is anyone going to help us move in our things?

Yes, we have volunteers from all over campus to help you move in your belongings on Sunday August 30, 2020.

If you're moving in on a different day than Aug. 30, we encourage you to ask your friends or family members to help you move in your belongings.


Can my parents/friends/family members move my stuff in for me if I am not around on move in day?

No, the student has to be present in order to receive your keys for your room. Your parents or other family members are not able to move your things in for you.

Can I know who my roommate is ahead of time?

No, due to privacy policies that the University is bound by, we cannot disclose your or your roommate’s information to one another. You will meet your roommates on move-in day. If you’re worried about what items you’ll share, remember that you’ll be in downtown Toronto, so it’s easy to pick up any items you may need.


Am I allowed to have guests?

Yes! You are allowed to have overnight guests for a maximum of three consecutive nights. Out of consideration, suite mate consent is required prior to inviting any overnight guests to stay with you. Guests must provide valid photo ID and be signed into the building. It is your responsibility to inform them of the building policies and appropriate behaviour in res before you take them upstairs. Exceptions: Prior to August 26th, during Orientation Week & exam periods no overnight guests are allowed in the buildings.


Can I bring a fridge?

If you are in Pitman or ILC, you can bring a mini-fridge (3.2 cubic feet) for your room. We discourage students from bringing a mini-fridge in HOEM, as there is already a full-sized fridge provided in the kitchen. As utilities are not included in HOEM, mini-fridges can take up energy that could be best used elsewhere.


Can I bring a microwave/toaster/kettle/coffee maker or any other appliances?

If you are living in Pitman or ILC, you can bring these appliances to residence however you are not allowed to use them in your room. If you would like to use the toaster, kettle  or etc. you can do so in the lounge kitchen on your floor. All lounges already have microwaves. If you are living in HOEM, HOEM already provides these appliances in the kitchen.


Can I bring a bike to residence?

You can bring a bike to residence however you are not allowed to keep it in your bedroom. For students in Pitman or ILC, there is a bike locker in Pitman Hall that you can leave your bike in after you give a $10 key deposit. If you live in HOEM, there is indoor bike parking and you can sign up for access to the bike storage space through the front desk.


Can I bring my own mattress or other furniture for my room?

There is no extra storage space in the residences so we cannot store any of the current furniture that is in your room. For this reason you are not able to bring your own furniture. The furniture provided must remain in the room.


Is there somewhere to store my suitcases/trunks/extra furniture/etc.?

Anything you bring with you will need to be stored in your room. Try to pack most of your belongings in collapsible/recyclable containers.

What happens after I move in all of my things?

Once you move everything in you will have a chance to meet everyone on your floor. At 4 pm on the 30th you will have your mandatory first floor meeting. From there you will be taken to a residence BBQ, opening ceremonies and many other fun orientation activities, check out for more details!


What do I need to bring for the internet/Will the internet work as soon as I move in?

Internet is included in your residence fees and will be available for you to use once you move in.

HOEM - has both WiFi and wired internet. To use the wired internet, please bring an Ethernet cable.

DCC/ILC/Pitman Hall - has wireless internet, and you do not need to bring anything for it to work.


Are there places on campus that offer student discounts?

Yes! A list of places can be found on our student life website.


What happens if I am unable to move in on August 30th?

If you are unable to move in on Sunday August 30th you can move in any time after that by picking up your keys from the:

Housing & Residence Life Office (Room 100, Pitman Hall, Monday - Friday 10 am - 5 pm) or at the
Residence Service Desk of Pitman Hall (160 Mutual St., non-business hours).