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Determine Your Needs

There is a lot to consider when finding your first place. This checklist will help you prepare for undertaking a housing hunt. Once you know your answer to each item on this page, you’re ready to begin your search!

☐ Understand the timeline of what’s involved in finding a place to live (scroll down!)

☐ Learn key housing terms  

☐ Decide when you want to move in (~2 months prior is ideal)

☐ Estimate your monthly budget

☐ Determine what type of housing you’re seeking

☐ Figure out if you need a roommate or two

☐ Consider where you want to live and how you’ll get to campus

☐ Secure your guarantor and prepare your financial documents to submit in a rental application

☐ Look into your tenant's insurance options to ensure you are covered once you move in

All decisions made? You’re ready to start searching for a place to live!

Download the Determine Your Needs Checklist [PDF]

A typical timeline of finding a place to live 

<h2>Timeline: Find A Place to Live</h2>   <h3>Step 1: Determine your needs</h3> Housing type, neighbourhood, budget, guarantor, roommates   <h3>Step 2: Find roommates</h3> Check out Places4Students’ Roommate Finder    <h3>Step 3: Search for housing</h3> Contact student-housing buildings, work with a realtor, or use Places4Students’ housing listing service   <h3>Step 4: Set up viewings</h3> Contact the landlord/property manager to make an appointment to view the unit  <h3>Step 5: Submit rental application(s)</h3> Formally place an offer to rent the unit by completing the rental application form  <h3>Step 6: Sign a lease</h3> Legally commit in writing to the terms of your rental agreement   <h3>Step 7: Move in!</h3>