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From sharing bills to making lifelong friendships, living with a roommate can be a great experience! Use our tools below to help find the right roommates for you and to set up a plan for living together successfully.

How do you meet potential roommates?

  • Use the Places4Students Roommate Finder to post your profile and connect with others  

    • These could be people who are also looking for places, or it could be people who already have a place and are looking to fill an empty bedroom.

    • Learn how to write a great roommate profile - don’t forget to reach out to others!

  • Connect through your network - Friends of friends, social media, your old high school, etc.


  • Use to find potential roommates! For a specialized result to find roommates near Ryerson University, use this link.  



How do you find the right roommates?

Before agreeing to be roommates…

Figure out if you are a good fit by completing the Roommate Compatibility Checklist. Each person should fill one out and then swap and compare results. You don’t need to be exactly the same, but living together may be easier if your lifestyles match up.

Once you have decided to be roommates…

Once you have agreed on living together, complete the Roommate Agreement with your roommates to establish plans for the rental and bill payments, room division, and house rules. Agreeing to a plan for successful living can go a long way in avoiding roommate conflicts!



In addition to having a friendly face to come home to, living with roommates can be a great way to share expenses in Toronto. Learn more about budgeting for living in Toronto.