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Long-Term Housing Options: Residence-Style

If you’re planning to live downtown during the academic year (September—April) or year-round, you need to find a long-term accommodation.

One option is to live in a residence-style accommodation, which means living in a student-only building close to Ryerson campus, with most of your housing costs combined into installment payments. This is a great option if you are entering your first year or are an international student who would like to streamline your housing.


On-campus: Ryerson residence

If you are interested in a residence-style option, in which you live close to Ryerson campus among many other Ryerson students, your first step is to apply for Ryerson residence by June 1st. We have space available for first year, upper year, and graduate students. 

Note: We also offer summer residence for Ryerson students, co-op students from other institutions,  and individuals who are not students!

We will be opening our fourth residence building in September 2019! Please stay tuned for updates which will be shared on our main Housing page.


Off-campus: Student-housing buildings

If you are a first-year student waitlisted for Ryerson residence or an upper-year student seeking an experience similar to living in on-campus residence, consider a student-housing building.

There are 5 student-housing buildings close to campus that house many Ryerson students: Campus Common*, Parkside*, CampusOne*, Neill-Wycik and Tartu

The buildings vary in room cost and amenities offered (kitchens, meal plans, room styles, etc.) but generally all offer a similar level of safety to residence, a close proximity to campus, and the social benefits of living among many other students.  

Please note: these buildings are not Ryerson residences; they are owned and operated by private companies. As they are not Ryerson properties, you will need to do your research on them and contact them on your own following the links provided. Most of the leases offered by these buildings are 1-year, but you can inquire about shorter-term leases.


*Disclaimer: The buildings marked with asterisks identify Sponsors of the Off-Campus Program. Sponsorship enables us to offer educational support, tools and resources for living off-campus to Ryerson students living off-campus. Ryerson University does not however investigate, rank, endorse, or recommend any particular properties/listings.