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Bedbugs, pests, and other household hazards


Bedbugs and household pests

Bedbugs are a common and frustrating pest in Toronto. Knowing how to prevent and identify bedbugs will enable you to respond faster in getting rid of them.

Household pests such as bugs, mice, cockroaches can have serious health hazards to residents, and therefore your landlord is ultimately responsible for getting rid of them. As a tenant, you must take reasonable action to prevent them from infesting your living space.

If you discover bedbugs or pests in your home, notify your landlord immediately. If you talk in person or on the phone, follow up with an email so your conversation is recorded in writing. Your landlord will then have 72 hours to conduct an inspection of the unit and to begin taking action. 

If you are unable to eliminate household pests, the landlord is obliged to hire a professional exterminator.  

TIP: Consider checking the Bed Bug Registry before choosing an apartment to see if reports of bedbugs are frequent in the building.


Air quality

Molds and chemical contaminants such as heavy pesticide use or smoke from neighbouring units can be a significant problem for tenants, particularly those with allergies. The presence of mould may be indicated by one of the following:

  • stains, discolouration, or bubbling on walls or ceilings;

  • musty or earthy smells;

  • mould, and in extreme cases, rotting wood on window sills.

If you or anyone living with you has asthma or a respiratory condition, you may be better off seeking alternative accommodation rather than renting a damp basement apartment.