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Non Union Casual

Pay Information

Hourly Rates of Pay for Non-Union Casual Employees

The rates effective October 1, 2020 are:

Non-Union Casual levels Min. - Max.
Level 1 $14.25 per hour
Level 2 $14.25 - $16.64 per hour
Level 3 $16.65 - $25.64 per hour
Professional $25.65 and up
Wage rate should correlate to a specific position that has already been evaluated.

The established annual salary will be converted to an hourly rate for Non-Union Casual Professionals. Please contact your Total Compensation specialist for specific wage rates.


Information about Minimum Wage Rates In Ontario


Job Descriptions for Non-Union Casual Assignments

Level 1

Assignments include general duties requiring little or minimal experience and skill. Sample duties may include but are not limited to, straightforward copy typing; filing; photocopying/scanning; providing courteous and efficient service to customers/clients; responding to inquiries; processing orders; managing cash desk and related activities; and preparing meals.

Typical position titles:
  • Cook
  • Front Desk Assistant
  • Cashier
  • Production Assistant
  • Mailroom/Receiving Assistant

Level 2

Assignments include general duties requiring simple, routine, and well-defined tasks. Sample duties may include but are not limited to, setting up and organizing materials and files; word processing; checking and coding documents; answering general enquiries; sorting and checking various forms, files and lists; maintains and updates records, files and lists; codes and processes standard forms; categorizes and prepares numerical summaries; and answers questions related to area of responsibility, e. g. correct procedures, processes and forms.

Typical position titles:
  • Receptionist/Secretary
  • General office assistant
  • Departmental admin support
  • Stockroom assistant
  • Financial assistant
  • Technician I

Level 3

Assignments include highly complex clerical tasks or fully competent technical skill and broad technical background. Sample duties may include but are not limited to, preparing statistical reports; composing simple correspondence in response to general enquiries; processes purchase requisitions; arranging appointments and meetings, research files for relevant documents; summarizing and assisting in the preparation of reports; providing maintenance and repair to equipment; assisting students in the use of equipment; assisting faculty with technical demonstrations and maintaining equipment in good working order. At this level, individuals perform secretarial and clerical functions for a Senior Manager or Senior Officer of the University.

Typical position titles:
  • Senior accounting assistant
  • Administrative support (reporting to a senior manager)
  • Secretary (reporting to a senior manager)
  • Technician II


Assignments include duties that require a highly specialized skill, advanced training and experience in their respective areas. Individuals in this job category should be fully knowledgeable and have advanced skill level to work independently if needed.

Typical position titles:
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Consultant
  • Supervisor
  • Computer Analyst