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Pay Information

T4 and T4A Tax slips

Your T4 (Statement of Remuneration Paid) and/or T4A (Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity and Other Income) slips are available electronically! This is the best way for you to access these forms, as eHR is quick, convenient and secure, and allows you to print or reprint your tax slips at your convenience.

NOTE: Please be aware that this only applies to tax slips issued by Human Resources and not tax slips issued by other areas of Ryerson University.

Choosing to receive your T4/T4A slip online

You will need to provide consent through eHR to receive your T4 and T4A slips electronically.

If you have already provided consent to receive an electronic T4/T4A slip and have been continuously employed at Ryerson no further consent action is required.

If you have not already provided consent to receive your T4 and/or T4A slip electronically, here’s what you need to do:

Log into, choose the eHR tab. From the Employee Self Service homepage, select the payroll tile and then click T4/T4A > T4/T4A Consent.

Follow the instructions to indicate your preferred method of receiving your T4/T4A.

You can provide consent at any time through the year, and only need to do so once for it to apply to all subsequent years. You can withdraw your consent at any time in the future by logging in to eHR.

To access your T4/T4A slip

You can access previous years’ tax slips at any time through eHR. New T4/T4A slips are generally available online around the end of February each year. To access yours:

Log into, choose the eHR tab. From the Employee Self Service homepage, select the payroll tile and then click T4/T4A > View T4/T4A Slips.

Select the slip that you need. If you would like a paper copy, click on the “Print” icon at the top of the page.

For additional instructions, visit the eHR Online Learning Module for Payroll and Compensation or download Self Service - Payroll and Compensation (PDF) and review the sections titled, "Consent to Electronic T4/T4A Slips" and "Print or View your T4/T4A Slips."

Please verify your address!

If you choose NOT to receive an electronic copy of your T4/T4A tax slips, paper copies are generally sent to the Ryerson mailroom by the end of February.

Slips will be sent to the mailing address on record in eHR at the time the tax slips are produced. If no mailing address exists, the slips will be sent to the “Home Address” in eHR. Please verify your addresses in eHR.

Note: eHR is separate from RAMSS. Addresses that are updated in RAMSS will not automatically update in eHR so please ensure that you update eHR as well.

For detailed instructions on updating your address information in eHR, visit the eHR Online Learning Module for Personal Information.

What if my SIN is incorrect or missing from my T4/T4A?

If the Social Insurance Number (SIN) on your T4/T4A is missing or incorrect, please bring the slip along with your SIN card to Human Resources in person. It is important to have this error corrected as an incorrect SIN can affect your future Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits. As well, an incorrect SIN can impact your Registered Pension Plan (RPP) and Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) contributions now and in the future.

Copies of T4/T4A slips

You can print as many copies of your T4/T4A from eHR as needed.

Requests to Human Resources for additional paper copies of income tax slips are generally not accepted until mid-March. At that time, you can request a copy of either slip by contacting HR Client Services at (416) 979-5075 or

When picking up a copy of either a T4 or T4A from the Human Resources office, you must present two pieces of identification, at least one of which must contain your picture. This can include but is not limited to your Ryerson University ID card, driver’s license, passport, SIN card or birth certificate. At least one of these pieces of identification must display your name as it appears in eHR.

Other Information and Inquiries

If you have any questions regarding eHR, please contact HR Client Services at (416) 979-5075 or

For more information about tax slips and tax returns, contact the Canada Revenue Agency.