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Resetting Your Remote Leadership Practices: 30 Day Challenge

As remote work continues, it’s as important as ever for leaders to focus on intentional, inclusive and thoughtful leadership practices. At the same time, we know you’re as busy as ever and it can be challenging to fit your own development into your day. This challenge includes micro-learnings that have been curated to help you reflect on how each can enhance working with your teams.

Infographic showing: 6 weeks, 30 challenges, 5 minutes most days.

Tips for completing the challenge

Keep track of your progress, key learnings and ideas in the 30 day challenge progress tracker.

Please note you will need to be logged into to access this document.

Review Video Playback Controls for LinkedIn Learning Videos, and consider turning off “Continuous Play” to focus on the individuals challenge videos, otherwise the player will continue to play next videos in the course.

30 days of learning

Day 1 Get to know LinkedIn Learning
Login and familiarize yourself with the Ryerson LinkedIn Learning platform. Having trouble logging in? Reach out to the Help Desk at or 416-979-5000, ext. 556806 for assistance.
Day 2 Extended session
Refresh your goal setting frameworks with the Moving from S.M.A.R.T. to S.M.A.R.T.E.R. goal setting learning path to refresh your knowledge on goal setting frameworks.
Day 3 Setting team goals
Day 4 Setting shared goals
Day 5 Setting and communicating clear goals in a remote team
Day 6 Clarifying goals for the team
Day 7 Reflection
Take some time to reflect and document which of the goal setting tips will be most useful to enhance goal setting with your team.
Day 8 Building trusting teams
Day 9 What’s your team’s ‘why’?
Day 10 Tuckman Team-Development Model
Day 11 Managing through the team development cycle
Day 12 Reflection
Take five minutes to reflect on what you have learned about the team development cycle. What are the attitudes and activities required from you as a leader to support your team development? Make some notes and keep them nearby for tomorrow.
Day 13 Put learning into action
Revisit your list from day 12. Highlight skills and attitudes you’d like to revisit or work on. Check out the Learning Events Calendar to register for a related course or look up resources on LinkedIn Learning to support your journey. Block some time in your calendar to dedicate to this learning.
Day 14 Building trust at a distance
Day 15 Establishing trust
Day 16 Trusting each other
Day 17 Accountability in virtual teams
Day 18 Ice breakers for virtual teams
Day 19 Put learning into action
Search for some ideas of social activities that you can use with your virtual team. Not sure where to start?We’ve put together a summary of team activities.
Day 20 Staying connected virtually and remotely
Day 21 Providing consistency and structure in a virtual team
Day 22 Developing working agreement and defined norms in a virtual team
Day 23 Put learning into action
Make a plan to review team agreements at an upcoming team meeting. Need help getting started?Complete the Remote Team Charter and Norms exercise with your team.
Day 24 Take periodic temperature checks
Day 25 Communicate effectively as a remote leader
Day 26 Identify team members’ preferred communication mode
Day 27 Put learning into action
Can you run “the four walls of communication” activity from yesterday’s video in an upcoming virtual meeting? Review Communication preference and styles and Team Communication Plan for Virtual Teams. Look into adjusting and implementing these tools with your teams.
Day 28 Communicating with impact and influence
Day 29 Providing feedback
Day 30 Reflection
List your biggest takeaways from the Resetting your remote leadership practices: 30 day challenge. Tell us about your experience by sharing your feedback through