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Employee & Family Assistance Program Leader Support

The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) Resource Guide for managers, supervisors and other people leaders (PDF) provides practical suggestions for a number of issues specific to leadership.

Building a people first workplace

The guide is a complement to the assistance already provided by your human resources consultants and organizational and employee effectiveness consultants. The resources can be used to promote a healthy workplace culture and build a positive team environment.

What’s in the guide?

The guide includes resources for dealing with poor performance, recognizing early warning signs of an employee who is struggling, how to refer them to appropriate resources, and how to better manage workplace stress. It also provides an overview of other resources available for leaders through the EFAP.

Want a print copy? Contact your HR consultant for one.

Accessing support online and over the phone

Support is also available for leaders online and over the phone. You can contact the EFAP at 1-844-880-9142 and identify yourself as a leader in need of support or visit Work Health Life, log in, select “My Services” and then “Manager Area”.

We encourage you to review the EFAP Resource Guide for leaders and contact your HR consultant with any questions or concerns.