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Job Evaluation

Job evaluation provides a formal framework to determine the hierarchy of positions within the organization with objectivity and consistency.

Total Compensation administers job evaluation plans for Management and Confidential (MAC) and OPSEU positions to assess the relationship of these jobs within the university, and to establish and maintain internal equity, pay equity and fair compensation.

The key situations that require a job evaluation are:

  • the creation of a new position;
  • operational changes resulting in changes to assigned responsibilities;
  • updates to current positions: title and reporting changes.

Completing a job evaluation

  1. Leader (direct supervisor) determines the need for a job evaluation and contacts their total compensation specialist.
    Leaders need approval from their department head to ensure financial resources are available. In some cases there are salary changes to implement as a result of the evaluation.
  2. Total compensation specialist provides leaders with related existing job descriptions.
    The fastest way to evaluate a position is to work with the total compensation specialist to select and modify an existing job description.
  3. The leader selects a job description and provides recommended changes, if any.
    If there are no similar positions, the specialist will provide a questionnaire to assess the requirements of the new position and help create a new job description, however this will be a significantly longer process.
  4. Total compensation specialist evaluates position to determine final grade
    The job evaluation plan is applied to ensure the complete and accurate evaluation of the requirements of the position.
  5. Direct supervisor reviews and department head approves
    The total compensation specialist will provide the final job description and grade. Direct supervisors are required to secure approval from the department head for implementation of the job evaluation results.
  6. Implementation
    Leaders share the new job description and evaluation results with employees in the position. Human Resources will implement the job evaluation change and make any salary adjustments. The total compensation administrator distributes the final job description and related documents to leaders and employees.

Interpretation manual for evaluating OPSEU positions.

Overview of OPSEU job families.

Provides a summary of how we evaluate Management and Confidential (MAC) positions.