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The Environmental and Community Stability of a Mountain Destination

October 08, 2019
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
CPA Lounge - TRS 1-003
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Join us on October 8, 2019, for the first talk of Ryerson's Institute for Hospitality and Tourism Research HTM Speaker Series. Dr. Dunja Demirovic, Research Associate at the Geographic Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, will talk to us about her research on the environmental and community stability of a mountain destination.

Her research aims to explore the use of the social-ecological system (SES) in the tourism of a mountain area. Residents’ perceptions of tourism impacts on four SES aspects were examined: ecosystems, local knowledge, people and technology and property rights institutions. The aim is to find an area that will be a “common ground” for community and an area that can be a source of conflict and will require additional work to solve the differences. The second objective was to examine residents’ perception towards future local development of tourism policies (winter tourism, seasonality and environment and culture). As well as how those policies can affect the natural, socio-economic and cultural aspects of a mountain area. Residents’ perceptions of sustainable tourism development potential, perceived tourism impacts, analysis of community attachment and employment sector of stakeholder were involved in this study. Dr. Demirovic applied the Q-methodology, as one SES-allied approach, in the small mountain community of Kopaonik, in the Republic of Serbia.