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Tuition Rebate

Tuition Rebate is the reimbursement of the tuition portion of fees paid by employees to another institution for work-related or professional development courses approved by Ryerson subject to applicable policy limitations. It does not include fees such as ancillary fees, late fees, default fees, books, course materials and equipment.

Please see the tuition rebate policy for full details. Note: Where the information on this site differs, policy provisions prevail.


Senior administration employees with more than 12 months of continuous service are eligible to apply for tuition rebate for either work-related or professional development courses, up to two courses per academic term. Employees are expected to take such courses outside of their normal work hours. 

Spouses and dependents are not eligible for tuition rebate.

Employees wishing to take more than two courses must obtain approval from their manager. Most employees take courses one at a time in order to maintain good academic standing and balance their full time job requirements.

Tuition rebate covers tuition only. Expenses not eligible under the tuition rebate benefit are books, instructor materials, supplies, and/or other supplemental fees for registration or examinations etc.

Work-Related Studies: 100% tuition reimbursements for tuition fees are provided for programs that are determined work-related.

Professional Development Studies

Programs approved as professional development, tuition costs will be shared 1/3 by the employee, 1/3 by the employee’s department/school and 1/3 by Ryerson’s tuition rebate program.

Courses must constitute part of a program of study leading towards a certificate, diploma or degree, certifying completion of a post secondary study program. Decisions for approval are made on the full program and not the individual courses.

Courses in special contract programs with other educational instructions and special offerings hosted outside of Ontario are not eligible programs. Educational institutions requested outside of Ontario will be considered without prejudice, on a case-to-case basis, if the program being applied for is not offered in Ontario.

When a program is offered at another institution and the equivalent program is offered at Ryerson, the employee must enroll in and attend the program offered at Ryerson. In such cases, the tuition waiver policy and procedure would apply.

Personal development programs or personal interest programs are not covered by tuition rebate.

Rebates must be applied for prior to course start. Application for rebates submitted after course completion will not be approved.

  1. Before registering for the course, download, complete and submit the PDF fileTuition Rebate Application.
  2. Read the instructions on page 2 of the form before completion.
  3. Complete Part 1 of the application form; if it is your first rebate application for the requested program, provide the details of the program. This should be in the form of a brief letter. Please feel free to submit relevant program information (website printouts are acceptable) with your application package. The complete request should include the following:
    • The description and objectives of the program of study
    • A detailed listing of the courses in the program
    • A total cost of the program (if known)
    • List what skills from the program will be used in your position
  4. Obtain your department manager's approval by having them complete Part 2. If the request is for professional development, an account code is needed. Please feel free to request that your manager attach a separate letter to allow for further elaboration.
  5. Submit the Tuition Rebate application to HR Client Services at 1 Dundas St. W., 16th Floor. Upon assessment, you will be notified of your status.
  6. Upon approval, you may register in your course(s) and pay your fees.
  7. Within 30 calendar days of receiving your grades, please provide HR Client Services an official statement of your passing grade(s) and an official receipt of payment for tuition. The information is verified and HR submits a request to Financial Services.
  8. Reimbursement is mailed to the employee's address or office via the interoffice mail.

No. The university must authorize the Tuition Rebate before program/course registration.

No. All applicants must respect and adhere to the process for application of tuition benefits. Candidates who do not are responsible for paying tuition costs.

Employees must submit within 30 days of course completion an original copy of proof of a passing mark or proof of attendance and an original copy of proof of payment, in order to process the reimbursement of an approved tuition rebate application.

This information is needed to understand the skills and knowledge the student will learn in the program to determine how it relates to the applicant's current position.

It is a manager's responsibility to help identify professional development opportunities for their staff. In addition, there may be departmental costs associated with the request that the manager must authorize before sending forms to Human Resources.

An employee who fails to successfully complete a course in which they are enrolled will not be reimbursed their tuition. If the employee decides to take the course again, they will be responsible for the payment of the tuition fee.

  • If the program is not career-related, for example, personal development studies
  • If the program does not lead to a degree, diploma, or certificate (i.e. individual courses or workshops)
  • If the program is already offered at Ryerson.
  • If the program is offered outside of Ontario.


Contact HR Client Services at or 416-979-5075.