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We do not advocate for any individual or group. We advocate for fairness and for a community where the dignity and human rights of all its members are respected and upheld.

Have a human rights question or complaint?

Need to review the Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Policy?

Our office provides free and confidential complaint resolution services for students, staff, faculty, and other Ryerson members based on the Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Policy and the Sexual Violence Policy.

Our services include:

We manage all human rights inquiries, consultations, investigations and alternative resolutions.

  • We provide information about the options available to address human rights concerns such as consultation, conciliation and investigation.
  • We offer free and confidential complaint resolution services for human rights and sexual violence issues. When a concern does not fall within our jurisdiction, we will refer you to the appropriate services.
  • Conciliation through mediation is available when parties involved agree that an alternate resolution is possible and preferable to an investigation.
  • Investigation of complaints where appropriate, including a written report to the decision-maker.
  • Education is available through core and customized workshops, seminars and speakers to promote awareness of human rights issues, the law, and the rights and responsibilities of all members of the Ryerson community.
  • Support and referral are provided in situations involving sexual harassment, sexual assault and as requested.