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Participant feedback

@sanaasri on Instagram:, external link
I had the opportunity to take part in the Institute for Future Legislators program at Ryerson University @rufacultyofarts, external link . It was such a eye-opening experience!

Over the course of the program, we met with practitioners in the media, charity and non-profit organizations and of course, elected representatives from across party lines to learn about democratic reform, advocating on behalf of constituents, media communications, and the role of public servants. To put our knowledge to test, the program culminated with a parliamentary simulation in Senate Chambers in Ottawa!

It was two long intense days of being in the “Government” as the “Prime Minister” legislating on issues from universal higher education to electoral reform to infrastructure investments.

I still don’t know if I want to run for office in the future but for now, I am so grateful to have met such inspiring, motivated and socially conscious future leaders of Canada! 🇨🇦 #IFLRU, external link#canpoli, external link #fightingthefeesforlife, external link

@farahh.ahmad on Instagram:, external link
This summer I was a participant in the Institute for Future Legislators at Ryerson University in collaboration with the University of British Columbia. It was truly an honour to meet Canadian politicians who are passionate about reform and learn alongside phenomenal individuals- if any of you take on the challenge of running for office, I’ll be the first person to knock on doors for ya. #iflru, external link

@jamilegcruz on Instagram:, external link
What have I learned from attending the political boot camp at The Institute of Future Legislators at Ryerson?

- the power contained in each one of us to the drive change we want to see in this world
- the impressive amount of knowledge and drive in each generation of Canadians
- the need to actively engage in our democracy
- the power of community and authenticity
- the kindness of people

So happy to have had this opportunity. Thanks to all participants and organizers who made this an unforgettable experience.
#iflru, external link

@branonkoberto on Instagram:, external link
I can't say enough about how important and transformative this weekend was. I rose in our House of Commons, actually the Senate Chambers, to reflect on the process - the people, the issues, the debates, and the emotions it inspired. 

Together, we saw how a gender and enthnicly diverse Parliament could bring new perspectives to the decision-making table. I was privileged to learn about skilled women's experiences with the immigration system, about how elections face privacy challenges, about the quirks of Ontario's legislature. The expertise, passion, and levity of the group gave me so much hope for a future that often seems so bleak. If anything, I've been lucky to make some impressive, compassionate, and fun friends. Truly #BiggerThingsToCome, external link #IFLRU, external link

@brandonkoberto on Instagram:, external link
My crash course in legislating has been so rewarding. Meeting influential politicians and journalists, debating big topics, and finding common ground with people across the ideological spectrum will prove invaluable experiences going forward. I am so excited to head to Parliament in two weeks with the awesome friends I've made and get the feel for what, I hope, is my future workplace. We need more passionate, frontline youth leading the charge on policies that will determine Canadians' futures. #IFLRU, external link#MemberoftheOpposition, external link

Peter Hawkins on LinkedIn, external link:
Arnon and I were very pleased to participate in the transformative experience with the Institute for Future Legislators at Ryerson University Faculty of Arts, in conjunction with the Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions at UBC. If these are our future politicians, our Canadian future is in good hands. hashtag#IFLRU, external link