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    Maral Karimi, BComm, Ph.D. (Candidate)


    Maral Karimi is pursuing a PhD in Social Justice Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Maral graduated with a Masters degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at York University. Her master’s research is on the role of social media in the Iranian Green Movement of 2009. Her study conducts a critical discourse analysis of the political communications of the actors involved in the movement through the lens of YouTube to facilitate an understanding of the underlying causes and goals of the movement. Her PhD research proposes to study diverse contemporary visual media used to express resistance to oppressive practices such as religious ideological domination, institutional marginalization of women, minorities, and intellectuals among others, and suppression of civil and individual liberties in the Iranian visual arts media through a Critical Social Theory (CST) lens. For this project, visual media will include (but is not limited to): independently-produced social media ranging from YouTube videos, and blogs, to Iranian films, documentary, paintings and photography in support of marginalized groups since the revolution.

    Maral holds a Bachelor of Commerce in IT Management with a minor in Marketing from Ryerson University and has been an active member of the Adopt-IT project team since its inception. Her academic interests include Iranian Studies, Critical Social Theory, Media and communication studies, Habermas’ Theory of Communicative Action, Theory of Structuration, Human rights, world literature and classic and modern Iranian literature.