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    Julio Alcantar, Ph.D.


    Postgraduate Lecturer, Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro

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    Julio Alcantar is a Visiting Research Scientist. He has PhD in Industrial Engineering from Anahuac University, Mexico; an MSc in Technology Innovation Management from Sussex University, and an MSc in Engineering from Coventry University, in England. His research is in the area of strategic decision making in technology innovation. Julio has worked as senior business consultant in technology innovation management and intelligence for several years. He has directed consultancy projects for leading technology companies in the ICT sector in Latin American countries and USA, such as Microsoft, IBM and Telmex, and for government agencies like the Federal Telecommunication Commission in Mexico. He has advised several Science and Technology Councils in Mexico on innovation and technology clusters development. Julio is an active participant in national and international forums and associations (YTA in Canada, SCIP in USA, ALTEC in the Latin America region and ADIAT in Mexico). He has been a postgraduate lecturer in Information Systems at Iberoamericana University in Mexico.