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    Upcoming Events

      Conference Presentations & Proceedings

      The following is a list of conference presentations authored by Institution for Innovation and Technology Management.







      Charles-Cadogan, G. August 27-31, 2018 Estimation and Inference for Loss Aversion in Cross Sectional Regressions of Happiness and
      Consumption on Economic Growth
      Joint European Economics Association & Econometric Society of Europe Meeting Cologne, Germany
      Charles-Cadogan, G. July 25-27, 2018 Smart Beta and Empirical Alpha Representation Theorem World Finance Conference Pointe aux Piments, Mauritius
      Mullings, C., and O. Ngwenyama July 15, 2018 Factors that Drive Successful Electronic Health Record Implementation Among Aging Nurses Human-Computer Interaction International Conference Las Vegas, USA
      Charles-Cadogan, G. June 25-28, 2018 Losses Loom Larger Than Gains, Reference Dependent Preferences, and Global Loss Aversion in Bernoulli’s Utility Function Foundation for Utility and Risk XVIII, Biennial International Conference York, UK
      Charles-Cadogan, G. March 27, 2018 Estimation and Inference for Loss Aversion in Cross Sectional Regressions of Happiness and
      Consumption on Economic Growth
      Royal Economic Society Annual Conference Sussex, UK
      Charles-Cadogan, G. September 4-7, 2017 Smart Beta and Empirical Alpha Representation Royal Statistical Society 2017 International
      Glasgow, Scotland
      Charles-Cadogan, G. July 21-24, 2017 A Weak Harmonic Transitivity Axiom 50th Annual Meeting of the Society for Mathematical
      Psychology, 15th International Conference on Cognitive Modeling
      Warwick, UK
      Utulu, S.C.A. and O. Ngwenyama July 18, 2017 Rethinking Theoretical Assumptions of the Discourses of the Institutional Repository Innovation Discipline African Conference for Information Systems and Technology Cape Town, South Africa
      Woldeyohannes, H., and O. Ngwenyama July, 9 - 14, 2017 Factors influencing acceptance and continued use of mHealth apps Human-Computer Interaction International Conference Vancouver, Canada
      Elmi, M. May 31-June 2, 2017 Characteristics and Definitions of Somalia as a Failed State: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Western Media Canadian Communication Association Conference Toronto, Canada
      Richet, J-L, O. Ngwenyama and F. Rowe May 17-19, 2017 Une Etude de Cas de l’Evolution du Couplage de la Gouvernance et du Management Stratégique d’une Transformation liées aux SI The 22nd Conference of the Association Information & Management, SKEMA Business School Paris, France
      Ngwenyama, O. and S. Nouri May 17-19, 2017 Self-Organizing and Legitimation Processes in Open Source Software Development: A Study of Electronic Communication in Drupal using Communicative Action Theory The 22nd Conference of the Association Information & Management, SKEMA Business School Paris, France
      Albertus, R. May 14-19, 2017 An Interrogation of Public Private Partnership Contracting Risks: A South African Case Study of ICT Service Delivery 26th International Association for Management of Technology Conference Vienna, Austria
      Charles-Cadogan, G. April 4 -6, 2016 Loss Aversion Index Recovery in The Cross-Section of Subjective Well Being and Happiness On Economic Growth Network of Integrated Behavioural Sciences Conference Norwich, UK
      Elmi, M. November 25 -27, 2015 The student perspective on Disruptive Technologies Canadian Science Policy Conference (CSPC) Ottawa, Canada
      Elmi, M.
      September 25 -27, 2015 Information and Communication Technologies and the Stabilization of a Failed State: the case of Somalia Geopolitical Economy Research Group Inaugural Conference Winnipeg, Canada

      Alcantar, J., & O. Ngwenyama

      June 8 -11,  2015

      Top Management Capabilities for SME’s Market Entry Decisions

      International Association for Management of Technology

      Pretoria, South Africa

      Charles-Cadogan, G.

      June 30 - July 2, 2014

      Myopic Loss Aversion and Intolerance to Decline in Consumption

      Foundation of Utility and Risk (FUR) XVI Conference

      Erasmus University, Rotterdam

      Bailey, A., & Ngwenyama, O.

      December 14, 2013

      Interrogating the Concept of Strategy as Practice in the Context of Information Technology for Development. Strategy as Practice in ICT4D

      Proceedings of SIG GlobDev Sixth Annual Workshop

      Milano, Italy

      Cole, J. A., & Cadogan, G.

      September 18 – 21, 2012

      A Regulator's Exercise of Career Option to Quit and Join a Regulated Firm's Management with Applications to Financial Institutions

      The 2012 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Behavioral Finance & Economics

      New York, New York

      Bailey, A., & Ngwenyama, O.

      June 25-28, 2012

      Integration and Communication in the Diaspora: Intersectionality and Community Facilitation through ICTs

      2012 International Conference on Information Society (i-Society)

      London, United Kingdom

      Ngwenyama, O.

      August, 25-27, 2011

      Designing Enabling Conditions for Innovation in Virtual Software Teams

      Working Conference on IT for product and service innovation in an internationally distributed context

      SKEMA Business School in Sophia Antiplois, France

      Bailey, A., & O. Ngwenyama

      January 5-8, 2009

      Social Ties, Literacy, Location and the Perception of Economic Opportunity: Factors Influencing Telecentre Success in a Development Context

      Proceedings of the 42nd HICSS

      Big Island, Hawaii

      Bailey, A., & O. Ngwenyama

      March 16-17, 2009

      Towards entrepreneurship in rural communities: the effect of telecentres in developing contexts

      Proceedings of Caribbean Conference on Information and Communication Technology

      Kingston, Jamaica

      Samoilenko, S, & O. Ngwenyama

      December 13, 2008

      Methodology for Determining an ICT Workforce Management Strategy Based on Complementarity of Investments and Sources of Relative Inefficiency

      GlobDev 2008

      Paris, France