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Image Arts: COVID-19 Updates

Fall 2021 update

Dear IMA community,

The School of Image Arts is preparing to welcome students, faculty, and staff back for the Fall 2021 term, which will be a transitional semester in anticipation of a full return to campus for Winter 2022.

The School of Image Arts will deliver the Fall 2021 curriculum as a combination of hybrid and online formats as of August 30, 2021.Generally, production and technology courses will be hybrid, meaning optional in-person teaching and learning opportunities; access to IMA equipment, services, and facilities; augmented with online synchronous and/or asynchronous instruction or learning materials. Lecture courses will be delivered online. Please see the attached Fall 2021 Course Delivery Plan for specifics by course in our undergraduate and graduate programs. Instructors will share with students the specific course delivery approaches in course outlines prior to the start of classes.

Our student, faculty, and staff safety and well-being in our spaces during the ongoing pandemic are of utmost importance. We will continue to follow government, health, and university directives as they develop and update IMA protocol and procedures accordingly. For more information on the university’s general guidelines please visit

Specifically, our building access and navigation protocols implemented last year will be updated as directives on capacity and physical distancing evolve. Masks will be required to be worn when indoors. The university now requires proof of vaccination for students, employees, and visitors coming to campus as of September 7, 2021.

We recognize that while students may be on campus for in-person activities, you will likely also attend courses online. Therefore, we will be creating additional study and meeting spaces in classrooms in the IMA building. These are in addition to spaces that will be offered by the Sheldon and Tracy Levy Student Learning Centre for the student population at large.

We encourage you to monitor our school's webpage, Instagram @ryersonima, external link, and your email for continued updates over the next few weeks.

Thank you,

Robert Ott

Chair, Image Arts at The Creative School

School of Image Arts:  PDF fileFall 2021 Course Delivery Plan

Fall 2021: Image Arts COVID-19 Updates

In advance of arriving at IMA, all students MUST prove completion of the refresher of the Safe Sets COVID-19 Certificate and send your certificate to your course instructor.

Many new procedures and protocols have been implemented for the coming year to ensure the safety of the students, staff and faculty of the School of Image Arts. These follow extensive review and consultation with Ryerson’s Environmental Health & Safety unit and are aligned  with public health guidelines. Students and employees are expected to adhere to all safety requirements, facility signage and direction while on the premises. Protocols will be strictly enforced.    

September, 2021

Dear Image Arts students, faculty, and staff,

With the start of Fall 2021 classes on Tuesday, Image Arts will begin a transitional semester of online and hybrid delivery of courses as we anticipate a broader return to campus for the winter semester.

On September 2, the university provided guidelines, external link on how to access campus in general. Here is what you need to know about accessing Image Arts in particular:

1. Proof of Vaccination

As of September 7, all students, faculty, staff, contractors and visitors must be fully vaccinated to attend campus or in-person university activities off campus, per the COVID-19 Vaccination policy. Individuals who are not fully vaccinated are required to participate in the rapid antigen testing program, regardless of any exemption that may apply.

As of October 18, individuals must have submitted full proof of vaccination or been approved for an exemption.

2. Image Arts Building Access

Access to Image Arts buildings IMA (122 Bond Street) and KHS (50 Gould Street) is restricted to Image Arts students, faculty, staff, and approved visitors. The buildings are locked at all times and the Ryerson OneCard is required to open the doors. A Passed Health Screening Status is mandatory for each visit.

IMA Building at 122 Bond Street

Regular Building Hours:         Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 6:00pm

Access:                                   Undergraduate students: only during regular building hours

                                                Graduate students: 24/7

                                                Faculty and staff: 24/7

                                                Visitors: during regular building hours with permission

Entrance:                                Main door at the corner of Gould and Bond Streets

                                                Staffed by check-in attendant during regular building hours

Requirements:                        OneCard and Passed Health Screening Status

KHS at 50 Gould Street

Regular Building Hours:         Not applicable

Access:                                   Undergraduate students: no access

                                                Graduate students: 24/7

                                                Faculty and staff: 24/7

                                                Visitors: only with permission

Entrance:                                Door at 50 Gould Street

                                                No check-in attendant

Requirements:                        OneCard and Passed Health Screening Status

3. Health Screening

Prior to each visit, all students, faculty, staff, and visitors must complete a mandatory health screening before being granted access to Image Arts buildings. Mandatory health screenings must be completed via the RyersonSafe app or the RyersonSafe Health Screening webpage.

You are strongly encouraged to complete your health screening prior to arriving at campus. Web-enabled tablets will be available from the check-in attendant at the IMA building.

With your Ryerson OneCard and Passed Health Screening Status, please line up at the IMA building, maintaining 2-metre physical distancing.

Steps in Completing the Health Screening

Please note Image Arts has a specific protocol that deviates from the current instructions listed on the RyersonSafe app or the RyersonSafe Health Screening webpage.

Supervisor’s Email Address and Department Name

All students, faculty, staff, and visitors must enter “” as the supervisor’s email and select “The Creative School” as the department name.

Location and Times

Select the appropriate building location(s) from the drop-down menu you plan to access on the day of your visit. “IMA School of Image Arts” for 122 Bond Street, “KHS Kerr Hall South” for 50 Gould Street”. You may select additional Ryerson campus locations.

Select the times you plan to arrive and leave the locations.

Additional Questions

Move through the screens to answer the remaining questions to get your Health Screening Status. Health Screening Statuses are valid for a 24-hour period. The Health Screening Status can be accessed from the home screen of the app. If you do not have a mobile device available when you arrive at campus, please bring a printed copy of the Passed Health Screening Status.

Passed Health Screen Status

After completing the health screening, you may access the status page through the home screen of the app.

4. Admittance to IMA building at 122 Bond Street

You will be required to show your OneCard and proof of your Passed Health Screening Status via the RyersonSafe app or a print copy to the check-in attendant at the front desk to access the IMA Building at 122 Bond Street during regular building hours.

The attendant will verify your Passed Health Screening Status and check you in.

There will be NO admittance to Image Arts buildings without the Ryerson OneCard and the Passed Health Screening Status. As with all COVID-19 protocols, we ask students, faculty, staff, and visitors to be courteous and kind.

5. Wear a Mask When Indoors

Ryerson’s mask policy requires that a mask or face covering must be worn by every person at all times while indoors in a manner that covers their mouth, nose and chin. For more information on guidelines and exemptions, visit the Masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) page.

You are required to bring and wear your own mask.

Masking protocols for performers, models, and talent as part of the academic requirements of a course will be announced soon.

Individuals may temporarily remove a mask to consume food or drink, as may be necessary for the purpose of health and safety, while in Image Arts classrooms. This does not apply to production facilities and labs, where restrictions of no food or drink continue to be in effect.

Designated study areas and public spaces in Image Arts cannot be used for eating.

A dedicated eating space for students has been provided in IMA B06. Distanced seating has been provided, maximum 10 persons per room.

6. Physical Distancing

In all Image Arts building spaces (122 Bond Street and 50 Gould Street), including classrooms, studios, soundstage, labs, common spaces (including corridors and elevators), the two-metre physical distancing requirement remains in place at this time. Review information on physical distancing on campus.

Voluntary COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Testing Available on Campus

In addition to the required rapid antigen testing program for those who are not vaccinated, we are pleased to offer voluntary COVID-19 testing to vaccinated community members participating in higher risk activities, such as living in residence or participating in athletics. Voluntary testing is an added layer of protection that complements the various health and safety precautions already in place. Learn more about voluntary testing available on campus.

Further Information

Visit the Image Arts webpage for further information on the procedures and protocols for 2021-2022 updates for Image Arts buildings.

To learn more about general requirements for accessing campus during the Fall 2021 semester, as well as health and safety guidelines, please visit Ryerson’s COVID-19 Information and Updates website.

Wellbeing Support

It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to gather, and this has been an extended period of uncertainty and change, which is likely to continue. A number of supports continue to be in place to support those coming to campus, as well as those continuing to study and work remotely. Students can learn more about services available to them through Student Wellbeing. Employees are encouraged to review the resources made available on the COVID-19 website regarding wellbeing, as well as the Ryerson Recharge campaign.

  • Cage equipment will be thoroughly cleaned upon return and prior to redistribution.
  • All facilities have limited capacities and been arranged under 2 metre distancing guidelines.
  • Capacity limits are posted on each door, do not exceed this number.
  • Additional hand sanitizer stations, wipes and plexiglass barriers have been installed throughout IMA.
  • Air filtration and cleaning procedures have been augmented across the University. You can read more at How Ryerson Cleans Spaces.  
  • You may be on campus for in-person classes and also attend courses online. Therefore, additional study spaces on the main floor of the IMA building are available. Other available spaces will be posted.
  • Reservations are not required but you must check in with the attendant at the front entrance.
  • The Library and SLC have confirmed that they will have bookable space for students to utilize for when they are on campus & between classes.  Details about the booking process to be confirmed.
  • To gain access to the Equipment Cage all students must sign a Technical Operations Agreement. Incoming 1st year students are also required to complete WHMIS training (available through D2L) and provide a copy of the certificate. The Agreement and WHMIS certificate must be submitted to the cage via the online form, external link, external link 
  • Pick-ups and returns are by appointment only.  All equipment must be reserved at least one day in advance using the online booking system.  Login with your Ryerson credentials.
  • Cage Hours are Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 6:00pm.
  • Reservations are requests only. Once the booking has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation from the Cage.
  • Pick-ups and returns are scheduled fifteen minutes apart.  You will be expected to arrive promptly for your time slot and sign in at the IMA main entrance reception desk.  If you miss the assigned time, your appointment may be delayed or rescheduled.
  • Sanitizing procedures -  All equipment will be cleaned by staff upon return.
  • Currently, Cage staff is not on site every day, therefore phone calls to the Cage, ext 556845, may not be answered. Please contact staff at or for urgent matters.
  • PDF fileTechnical Operations Agreement Form
  • Film lab order forms are online google formhere, external link. A QR code to the lab form is also posted by the lab dropbox. This form provides info on lab status updates, pricing, procedures and more.
  • Each negative's box or can must be clearly identified with the name used on your form, the date, and your prof’s name when applicable.
  • Forms and exposed films must both be received before orders are handled. 
  • Orders may be deposited any time the school is open but intake is cut off twice a week, with results the following evening.
  • Digital transfers of films are emailed when ready.
  • Payment for lab orders is automatically deducted from student OneCards. Cards should be preloaded accordingly.
  • For further info, contact Mark Loeser in the lab at IMA 327 or at
  • Open Space will be open for fabrication and assembly work for the Fall 2021 term, by arranging in advance with the Technician, Joseph Lammirato.
  • The Technician can also be available for online student consultations through Google Chat, Google Meet or Zoom. Please make arrangements by email to
  • Students will be able to take out selected Open Space tools to complete projects off campus following consultation with the Technician.

FCAD Open Space: How-to video - The Cordless Drill.

FCAD Open Space: How-to video - The Jigsaw.

Masks on campus: Distribution and usage

To: All employees

 With remote work continuing until at least January 2021, in July the university implemented a Face Mask Policy for faculty, staff and students required to be on campus. The policy outlines that:

  • A Mask or Face Covering must be worn in enclosed spaces where the public is permitted entry.
  • A Mask or Face Covering must be worn in all other enclosed spaces unless designated or prescribed by the university.

As you review this information, please keep in mind that we all have a role to play in keeping our community safe and limiting the spread of COVID-19. At the same time, it’s important to be mindful that we are all adjusting to the new normal of these important and necessary safety guidelines.

 Frequently asked questions about mask use
Are masks required in classrooms?

Yes, students, faculty and staff are required to wear masks in classrooms unless a policy exemption applies. Review policy exemptions online.

Are faculty required to wear masks while teaching?

Faculty are required to wear masks while teaching unless you are able to deliver the class behind a physical barrier while also maintaining a physical distance of six feet from students at all times or a policy exemption applies.

Are masks required in spaces designated for individual use (e.g. an office space, a single study room)?

Faculty, staff and students are not required to wear masks in spaces designated for individual use, as long as they are the only person in the space. If an additional person/people enter the space, then all individuals in the space are required to wear masks until the individual is alone in the space again.

Are masks required in shared office or academic spaces?

Yes, masks are required in shared office or academic spaces, unless a policy exemption applies.

Our area is working on setting up a physical barrier as a safety precaution to limit transmission risk. Do we still have to wear masks?

Please contact Environmental Health and Safety who will work with you to complete a risk assessment to determine when and if mask use is still required.

Can I take my mask off to eat?

Masks may be temporarily removed when eating or drinking in an area designated for dining.

What should I do if my colleague/student/employee has removed their mask?

If needed, individuals can temporarily remove their masks if it’s preventing them from being understood, as long as the individual maintains a physical distance of six feet from others. If someone’s mask has been temporarily removed, or they’ve forgotten to put it on, lead with a gentle and helpful reminder to put it back on.

More information on mask use

For more information on mask use including guidance for mask use during athletic and fitness activities, as well as more detail on what to do if someone is not wearing a mask, visit Mask use on campus.

Let’s face it - Fall 2020 at Ryerson University is going to be different. Whether you are a new or returning student, you will have unique needs to be met in order to support you in succeeding in this virtual post-secondary education environment.  If you are looking for academic support, engagement opportunities with other students or resources to maintain your mental and emotional well-being, we are here for you.  The links below will guide you through to the many resources, programs and supports available to all students in navigating the academic year ahead.

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