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About Image Arts

Most people can shoot a video or snap a photo with their phone, but not everyone can create imagery that transcends the frame, moving viewers to action and emotion. It’s a craft — one that skilled filmmakers and photographers use to produce works of art that can be shocking, funny, infuriating, satirical, but most of all, inspiring. The world needs these image-makers, to share information and tell stories.

Careers in film and photography give you the opportunity for creative control — your choice of equipment, technique, lighting, and post production all affect the way your work is perceived. Perfecting these arts is not easy, but can be extremely fulfilling.

Working with imagery, you will develop a deep knowledge and working expertise of fine arts and hone skills that are transferrable across a wide variety of industries. Taking a piece of work form concept to production requires critical thinking and the ability to collaborate with colleagues. You will also gain a keen business sense, as you promote and sell your work, learn to stick to tight budgets and deadlines, and attract funding through sponsorships and grants.

As an image-maker, you will get to tell meaningful stories, often on your terms. You will be a versatile, entrepreneurial and creative contributor to society. 

The Creative School

The Creative School is a dynamic faculty that is making a difference in new, unexplored ways. Made up of Canada’s top professional schools and transdisciplinary hubs in media, communication, design and cultural industries, The Creative School offers students an unparalleled global experience in the heart of downtown Toronto.