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Equipment Cage
List of Image Arts Equipments
Supplies Available for Purchase
Fines and Penalties

General Information

This is a detailed guide to the equipment and facilities available to students and the policies governing their use and is intended to make working in the School of Image Arts a little easier. Please read this section thoroughly to become familiar with the resources available to you - understanding how the technical services are provided is important to allow you to complete your studies in Image Arts.

Equipment Cage

Students gain access to equipment and facilities through the ‘Cage’, located in the basement of the Image Arts Building, IMA B-18.

Equipment includes a wide variety of digital and analogue cameras and accessories, still and video equipment, electronic flash and lighting accessories, projection equipment, sound recording systems, laptops and ipads, film stock and editing supplies. Production facility keys are also signed out here. There are designated booking periods for certain film and video production equipment, these are posted at the Cage. See detailed list below.

The cage is open when classes are in session and during Fall and Winter Study Weeks. The Cage is closed during exam periods, on statutory holidays and during the December break. Hours of operation are posted at the Cage and on the IMA website.

The following technical support staff operates this facility:

  • Jonathan Duder, Cage Technician, IMA B-17
  • Dina Sinan, Cage and Booking Assistant, IMA B-18

Borrowing Equipment and Facility Access

Your Ryerson One Card is required to access labs and equipment relevant to your production courses. Access will not be granted without this card. One Cards can be picked up through the One Card Office. Your card will be scanned into the computer when you reserve, take out or return equipment.

At the start of each year of your studies you must register into the Cage Access System and complete a Technical Operations Agreement Form, which indicates that you have read and will follow the policies outlined in this handbook. The Cage also requires a copy of your Ryerson WHMIS Certificate for you to be granted access to equipment and facilities.


When you take equipment from the Cage, you are entering into a contract which states:

I accept full responsibility for loss, theft or damage to equipment on loan in my name and will cover the cost for the repair or replacement of equipment as determined by operational requirements and up to the Ryerson University insurance deductible.

This agreement is binding, therefore please be sure to care for your equipment and keep track of your exact return time when planning your work.

Returning Late

Returning your equipment late is not an option – your fellow students may be waiting to use the equipment or facility you have signed out and are relying on you to return it on time and in working order. If unavoidable circumstances make it impossible to return equipment on time, you are expected to notify the Cage before your return time. Depending upon circumstances you may be granted extra time to return your order. Note that a call does not relieve you of your responsibility for being late, but allows the Cage staff to plan around these circumstances. Failing to inform the cage beforehand of your late return will result in a fine. Only the Cage supervisor can authorize extensions to equipment or facility loans.                        

Checking Equipment

Although Cage staff checks equipment when it is returned, there is no absolute guarantee that equipment is in perfect working order when you receive it. You are expected to thoroughly check all equipment and lab facilities upon issuance. If you find any problems during this check, you must inform the Cage within twenty minutes of signing out the equipment or facility. You will not ordinarily be held responsible for equipment or facility problems reported within twenty minutes of being signed out.

Reporting Broken or Lost Equipment

In order to keep all equipment and facilities in working order and circulation, we need to know about any malfunctions, damages or loss immediately. When you report lost or damaged equipment, the Cage staff will fill out an Equipment Malfunction Report (EMR). You will be notified shortly of any cost associated with this loss or damage. Students with unpaid bills will have their grades withheld (see the section on Fines and Penalties for more information).

List of Image Arts Equipment

  • Cambo and lenses ranging from 65mm – 210mm
  • Graphic View (with lenses ranging from 135mm – 203mm)
  • Cambo Cadet (with 210mm lens)
  • Arca Swiss (with 215mm lens)
  • Shenhao (with 90mm, 210mm, and 135mm)
  • Gandolfi Variant (with 110mm, 150mm, 300mm lenses), bellows, film holders, Polaroid backs
  • Deardorff (with lenses ranging from 165mm – 610mm)
  • Film holders
  • Reducing backs
  • Phase One camera body and back
  • Hasselblad with Digital Back
  • Cambo Actus camera system
  • Bolex H16, Arriflex SR (zoom or prime lenses)
  • Arriflex 416 (zoom or prime lens)
  • 400’ magazines
  • Matte boxes
  • Filters
  • Motors and associated tripods
  • Canon C100 and C100 MKII
  • XF300
  • Canon XC15
  • Black Magic Cinema
  • Black Magic Ursa Mini and Ursa Mini Pro
  • Black Magic 4K Pocket Camera
  • Panasonic AF100
  • Atomos Ninja External Recorders
  • Odyssey 7Q External Recorders
  • Gimbal with 4K Zoom Camera
  • Amira Camera Kit
  • Canon Cine prime lens kit
  • Zeiss and Rokinon Prime Lens Kits
  • Canon 5D Mark II
  • Mark III, Mark IV and 5DS
  • Sony A7S2 and A7R
  • Canon 6D
  • Nikon D800, D800E, and D850
  • Fuji GFX50S, X-T3, X100F
  • Assorted Nikon, Sony, Fuji and Canon Lenses, prime and zoom lenses

Darkroom printing kits for B&W printing and assorted accessories:

  • Graduated cylinders
  • Beakers
  • Developing tanks
  • Trays
  • Tray siphons
  • Negative carriers
  • Contact printers
  • Contact proofers
  • Gralab timers
  • Easels
  • Grain focusers
  • Polycontrast filters
  • Metz and Godox portable flash units
  • Speedotron 2400w packs (with fan heads, grid spots, snoots, barn doors, diffusers, reflectors)
  • Speedotron 1200w portable kits
  • Aurora and Visatec Monobloc kits
  • Profoto B1 500 kits
  • Godox AD600 Pro
  • Wistro AD360
  • Manfrotto softboxes (studio only)
  • Lite tents
  • Strip boxes
  • Broncolor Hazylight
  • Portable stands
  • Lowell portable kits
  • Mole Richardson Daylight LEDs
  • KinoFlo Celebs 450Q Kino Flo Vistabeams
  • Umbrellas
  • Snoots
  • Gobo arms
  • Clamps
  • Beauty dishes

(Students must provide own sync cords).

  • Lightboxes
  • Slide projectors
  • Carousels
  • 16mm film projector
  • Macbook Pro laptops
  • Mac Minis
  • Media players
  • Galaxy Tab 3 Lite tablets
  • iPads
  • LCD projectors
  • Arduino Kits
  • Polaroid slide printers
  • Tacking irons
  • UV exposure unit
  • Folding equipment carts
  • Digital sound recorders
  • Zoom H4N and H5N recorders
  • Sound devices 722
  • 744T
  • Mix Pre 3, and 633
  • Tascam DR 40
  • Microphone mixers
  • Boom poles
  • Cradle mounts
  • Microphone stands
  • Plastic slates
  • Smart slates
  • Sound blankets
  • Cardioid
  • Omni-directional
  • Lavalier (wired and wireless)
  • Shotgun
  • Audio Technica AT Hypercardioid mic
  • Mole Richardson lights (650 – 1000w spots and floods)
  • 750w softs, 200w spots
  • KinoFlo LED Freestyle T44 and 21
  • Diva 200 and 400, Barfly 400 and 200
  • Celebs 205 and 250
  • MiniFlo lighting kits
  • Lowel Creator Kits
  • Lupolux Daylight LED’s
  • LED Microbeam and Torch panel lights
  • Snoots
  • Lightweight location stands
  • Studio stands (with wheels)
  • Floor stands
  • C-stands
  • Gobo arms
  • Flags
  • Butterfly kits
  • Alligator
  • Matthelini and maffer clamps
  • Apple boxes
  • A/C extension cords
  • Shoulder rigs
  • Alienware VR ready laptop
  • HTC Vive
  • Oculus Go and Homido Virtual Reality Headsets
  • Samsung and Go Pro 360 Cameras
  • Leap Motion Controller
  • Touch Designer

Supplies Available for Purchase

Certain course-related supplies are available at the Cage. These supplies may be purchased only with the use of a Ryerson One Card. The Cage does not handle cash. All prices are subject to change without notice.


Unit Cost
Double-X negative (7222) 100’ $47.25
Hi-Con negative (7363) 100’ TBA
china marker each $1.50
cotton gloves (pair) each $2.50
black leader 50’ $5.00
white leader 100’ $16.00
clear leader 100’ $6.00
SMPTE leader roll $3.30
Tape core for splicer each 1.25
Mylar splicing tape roll $3.75
16mm plastic reel (400’) each $3.75
Mat cutting blades (each) each $.60
Flatback tape each


Film editing kit each $40.05

Fines and Penalties

To ensure smooth running of technical operations, there are certain penalties in effect. Keep these in mind when using facilities and equipment.

Grade Withhold

The final grade report is withheld until outstanding fines, processing bills and/or damaged equipment bills are paid. All unpaid fines are subject to grade withholds. Grade withholds will be submitted to the Registrar on the first business day following exams.

Fine Payment

Fines must be paid immediately. Your access to equipment, facilities and services will be suspended until the fine is paid.

No Show

A $10 fine will be levied for failing to cancel a reservation.

Hit and Run

A $10 fine for equipment and/or facility keys left unattended at the cage or failing to remain at the Cage until the staff has cleared your order.

Late Returns  

Fees will be levied for equipment and/or facility keys that are late based upon number of items out and length of lateness. Please report unavoidable lateness to the Cage before due time. This does not excuse the lateness or guarantee extension.

Lost or Damaged Equipment

The cost for repairs or replacement of equipment and/or parts will be calculated on a case-by-case basis according to current value. The bill must be paid by a set deadline decided by a Cage Technician or the Operations Manager. Should repairs be covered by an existing warranty, the student will only be liable for an administrative fee of $25 under the same policy as a Grade Withhold, see below.

Infraction Fine/Penalty
Lost Facility Key
Leaving Key in Door or Leaving Door Unlocked $10
Food or Drinks in Lab, Studio, Darkroom or Editing Suite $20 fine for the first offence, $20 fine and one week suspension from the facility for second offence.
Leaving Water Running in Unattended Labs $10 fine plus expenses incurred in repairing water damage (if applicable), and one week suspension from Lab.
Failure to Report a Processing Machine Jam One week suspension from processor and restricted access to the cage.
Failure to Clean Studio, Lab or Sound Stage $5 – $10 fine for minor infractions. Major infractions can result in two weeks suspension from facility and payment of all expenses incurred to return facility to proper condition.
Inappropriate Storage/Labelling of Chemicals A strict $50 fine and one week suspension. Grades will be held at the end of term if chemistry is not removed from the school or disposed of correctly and/or not correctly labeled.