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IECSS in Action!

The IECSS in Action! study is part of the larger Inclusive Early Childhood Service System (IECSS) project and is funded by Employment and Social Development Canada, external link (ESDC). The IECSS in Action! study aims to identify inclusion strategies that recognize the systemic and cultural factors that shape the actual context in which services are delivered.

IECSS in Action! is a project led by 7 organizations in Ontario and British Columbia. Each partner led their own participatory action evaluation projects that focused on how to address systemic barriers to inclusion. The IECSS in Action! partners are:

The IECSS in Action! study began with the recognition that frontline staff are crucial to identifying the systemic barriers to inclusion. The experiences and perspectives of staff working with children and families to fully participate in early childhood education, care, family support and intervention are important in ensuring better access to care. By participating in this study, frontline staff have supported better understanding of the strategies that can reduce or eliminate structural barriers to inclusion and how to develop more inclusive practices and settings for children and families.

The final report of IECSS in Action! has been submitted to the funder. Further publications are forthcoming. Watch this page for access to partner reports on culturally appropriate assessment, behavioural intervention, flexible and anti-discriminatory access, and relationship focused care.

To view the full report, please visit the IECSS in Action! findings page on our website.