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Parmida Esfahani

Parmida Esfahani
Class of 2020

Parmida Esfahani is a second year Business Technology Management student. Parmida says she loves every aspect of technology. In her spare time she loves to travel and learn new things ranging from culture to politics. We asked her why she chose BTM at the Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management:

"I chose BTM because it's the perfect mix of things I'm passionate about: Business & IT. The availability of scholarships & awards allows me to focus and excel in my studies, while the lively student life opens up opportunities to get involved and gain experience outside the classroom."

Currently Parmida is the Executive Vice President of the Women in Information Technology Management (WITM), external link. WITM is a student group within the Ted Rogers School of Management and was founded in 2007 to raise awareness of the striking gender gap that exists in the IT industry.