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Dr. Ana-Maria Herman, Assistant Professor, Information Technology Management

Dr. Ana-Maria Herman

Assistant Professor
DepartmentInformation Technology Management
EducationMBA, MSc, PhD
Phone416-979-5000 x 7523


Dr. Ana-Maria Herman is an Assistant Professor at the Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management (TRS ITM). She teaches on the strategic use of information technology resources and the management of (technology) projects and programs. Her research focuses on the employment of digital media and information technologies by cultural institutions (such as museums and libraries) and, particularly, the exhibit of collections using novel media (such as app technologies and augmented reality). Dr. Herman's teaching and research draws on her multidisciplinary background in sociology, business and politics. 

Before joining TRS ITM, Dr. Herman was a Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Invention and Social Process (in the Sociology Department at Goldsmiths, University of London) and a Research Associate at the Women's Art Library (a special collection at Goldsmiths Library), where she led a research project exploring the use of app technologies to promote women artists. Her research interests include digital media, knowledge creation, big data, feminist theory, agency, cultural studies and museum theory - and these are some of the topics and themes that underpin her forthcoming book.

Dr. Herman also has over 10 years of professional experience developing complex technology strategies, contract negotiation and formulating complex business and financial cases (related to virtualisation, cloud computing, the replacement of legacy systems, enterprise software packages, end user devices and social media integration, among others). She has also held executive-level board positions (president of the board and chair of various committees) at diverse non-profit organisations (i.e. charities and cultural institutions). 

Peer Reviewed Journals
Herman, A. (In Press) “How (Repeat) Museum Displays Are Always Experimental: (Re-) Making MUM and the City-Laboratory”, International Journal of Heritage Studies.
Herman, A. (2018) “Re-Negotiating Exhibitionary Practices and the ‘Politics of Display’: The Case of the MTL Urban Museum App”, Museum & Society, 16 (2), p. 260-278.
Book Chapter(s)
Herman, A. (2017) “Making Women’s Archives Travel with the WAL App” in Ashton, J. C. (ed.), Feminism and Museums: Intervention, Disruption and Change, London: Museums Etc., p. 543-556.
Book Reviews
Herman, A. (2015) ‘Book Review: Life after New Media: Mediation as a Vital Process’, Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies, 29(1), p. 134-136
Herman, A. (2015) ‘Book Review: Collaborative Media: Production, Consumption and Design Interventions’, Media, Culture and Society, 37(1), p. 154-155
Invited Papers
‘Changing Display Spaces:  On Reconfiguring the Museum Visit’ - at The European Doctoral Seminar in Culture, Criticism and Creativity on Contemporary Configurations of Space held at University of Copenhagen (2014)
‘Processes of Mediation: Mediation, Remediation and Mediatization’ - at the ‘Mediatization’ Seminar held at University of Oslo (2014)


Course Code Course Title
ITM 90AB Graduation Project
ITM 707 Strategy, Management and Acquisition
ITM 750 IS Project Management
  • PhD, Goldsmiths, University of London, England
  • MSc, University of Reading, England
  • MBA, Queen's University, Canada