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Morteza Ziyahat

Dr. Morteza Zihayat

Assistant Professor
DepartmentInformation Technology Management
EducationBSc, MSc, PhD
OfficeTRS 2-032
Phone416-979-5000 x 3765


Professor Morteza Zihayat joined the School of Information Technology Management of Ryerson University in 2017. Before joining ITM, Dr. Zihayat was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Faculty of Information (iSchool) at the University of Toronto. He was also a research fellow in the IBM Spectrum Computing as a member of the BRAIN ALLIANCE - Big Data Research, Analytics, and Information Network. Dr. Zihayat obtained his PhD from York University under the supervision of Prof. Aijun An where he worked on designing scalable frameworks to discover actionable knowledge from Big Data streams and social networks. Since 2012, Dr. Zihayat has been involved in designing and implementing several industrial projects as a business analyst and data scientist in IBM Canada, Dapasoft Inc. and The Globe and Mail Inc.

Big data analytics, user modeling, mining social networks, predictive analytics.



Refereed Journal Articles

M. Zihayat, Y. Chan, and A. An. "Memory-adaptive High Utility Sequential Pattern Mining over Data Streams", Volume 106, Pages 799-836, 2017.

M. Zihayat, Ch-W. Wu, A. An and V. S. Tseng, "Efficiently Mining High Utility Sequential Patterns in Static and Streaming Data", Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA), Volume 21, Pages S103-S135, 2017.

M. Zihayat and A. An, "Mining Top-k High Utility Patterns over Data Streams", Information Sciences (INS) Journal, Volume 285, Pages 138-161, November 2014.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

M. Zihayat, A. An, L. Golab, M. Kargar and J. Szlichta, "Authority-based Team Discovery in Social Networks", in Proceedings of 20th International Conference on Extending Database Technology (EDBT'17), 498-501, 2017.

H. Davoudi, M. Zihayat, A. An, "Time-Aware Subscription Prediction Model for User Acquisition in Digital News Media", in Proceedings of SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM'17), 135-143, 2017.

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M. Kargar, M. Zihayat and A. An, "Finding A affordable and Collaborative Teams from a Network of Experts", in Proceedings of the SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM'13), 2013.
M. Kargar, A. An and M. Zihayat, "Efficient Bi-objective Team Formation in Social Networks", in Proceedings of the Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases European Conference (ECML-PKDD'12), 2012.


Course Code Course Title
ITM 100 Foundations of Information Systems
ITM 618 Business Intelligence and Analytics
ITM 805 Special Topics in IT Infrastructure (Big Data Analytics)
  • PhD, Computer Science, York University, Canada
  • MSc, Information Technology, University of Tehran, Iran
  • BSc, Information Technology, University of Isfahan, Iran
Year Award

Eshrat Arjomandi Award for Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation (Best Ph.D. Thesis Award), Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), York University.


Recipient of Mitacs Elevate Strategic Postdoctoral Fellowship ($55K/Year), Canada.
2011 - 2016 York University Graduate Scholarship, Toronto, Canada.
2011 - 2015 York University International Tuition Scholarship, Toronto, Canada.
2011 Winner of Mitacs Accelerate($15K) with Dalhousie University (declined), Canada.