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Dr. Ravi Vatrapu

Professor, Loretta Rogers Chair
EducationPhD, MSc, BTech
Phone416-979-5000 x 544461


Ravi Vatrapu is director of the Centre for Digital Enterprise Analytics and Leadership (DEAL), Loretta Rogers Research Chair in Digital Enterprise, professor of computational social science at the School of Information Technology Management, Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University, Canada. Currently, he is a professor of computational social science (on leave) at the Department of Digitalization, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark;  adjunct professor of applied computing at the Kristiania University College, Norway; and adjunct faculty at the Indian Institute of Management Rohtak, India. He was the founding director of the Centre for Business Data Analytics ( at the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

Prof. Vatrapu conducts transdisciplinary basic research on big data at the socio-technical intersections of computer science and social science with specific applications to managers in organizations, teachers in schools and residents in communities. His current research, education, and consulting encompasses Big Social Data Analytics, Geospatial Analysis, Building Usage Analytics, and Bitcoin Blockchain Analytics.  

Ravi’s current research focus is on big social data analytics to design, develop and evaluate a new holistic approach to computational social science, Social Set Analytics (SSA). SSA consists of a generative framework for philosophies of computational social science, a theory of socio-technical interactions, conceptual and formal models of social data, and an analytical framework for combining big social data with organizational and societal datasets for generating meaningful facts, actionable insights, valuable insights, and sustainable impacts.

His publication record consists of 2 edited books, 8 book chapters, 25 journal articles, 127 conference proceedings, 16 tool demonstrations, 1 doctoral consortium paper, and 2 theses and dissertation monographs. His co-authored papers have received 5 best paper awards (HICSS, ICCE, CSCL, & CABS) and 4 best paper nominations (CHI, CSCL, CABS, & LDIC) at premier conferences in the academic disciplines of information systems, learning sciences, human-computer interaction, and operations management.

He has successfully graduated 4 PhD students and mentored 5 Post-Doctoral Fellows. He currently supervises 2 PhD students at TRSM, and 4 PhD students at the Copenhagen Business School. Since 2009, he successfully supervised and graduated more than 125 Master Thesis students from multiple degree programs (Computer Science, Communications, Marketing, Management, Finance and Economics) at Copenhagen Business School and The IT University of Copenhagen in Denmark and Kristiania University College in Norway.

Ravi had secured about 25 million DKK (~5 million CAD) as PI/Co-PI in 11 different external research grants in competitive calls at the institutional, national and international levels.

Business Data Analytics, Computational Social Science, Social Set Analysis, Learning Analytics & Teaching Analytics, Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL), Comparative Informatics

Publications in Refereed Journals

Kunst, K., Ringberg, T., & Vatrapu, R. (2021). Beyond Popularity: A User Perspective on Observable Behaviours in a Digital Platform. Information Systems Journal.

Kinra, A., Hald, K. S., Mukkamala, R. R., & Vatrapu, R. (2020). An Unstructured Big Data Approach for Country Logistics Performance Assessment in Global Supply Chains. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 40(4), 439-458.

Yin, H. H. S., Langenheldt, K., Harlev, M., Mukkamala, R. R., & Vatrapu, R. (2019). Regulating Cryptocurrencies: A Supervised Machine Learning Approach to De-Anonymizing the Bitcoin Blockchain. Journal of Management Information Systems, 36(1), 37-73.

Zheng, X., Sun, S., Mukkamala, R. R., Vatrapu, R., & Ordieres-Meré, J. (2019). Accelerating Health Data Sharing: A Solution Based on the Internet of Things and Distributed Ledger Technologies. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 21(6), [e13583]., external link

Jensen, T., Vatrapu, R., & Bjorn-Andersen, N. (2018). Avocados Crossing Borders: The Problem of Runaway Objects and the Solution of a Shipping Information Pipeline for Improving International Trade. Information Systems Journal.

Kunst, K., & Vatrapu, R. (2018). Understanding electronic word of behavior: conceptualization of the observable digital traces of consumers’ behaviors. Electronic Markets. doi:10.1007/s12525-018-0301-x

Siikanen, M., Baltakys, K., Kanniainen, J., Vatrapu, R., Mukkamala, R., & Hussain, A. (2018). Facebook Drives Behavior of Passive Households in Stock Markets. Finance Research Letters,

Menon, K., Kärkkäinen, H., Jussila, J., Huhtamäki, J., Mukkamala, R. R., Lasrado, L., Vatrapu, R., & Hussain, A.  (2018). Analysing the Role of Crowdfunding in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: A Social Media Event Study of Two Competing Product Launches. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business.

Vatrapu, R., Mukkamala, R. R., Hussain, A., & Flesch, B. (2016). Social Set Analysis: A Set Theoretical Approach to Big Data Analytics. IEEE Access, 4, 2542-2571. [7462188]. DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2016.2559584

Reimann, P., Bull, S., Kickmeier-Rust, M., Vatrapu,R., & Wasson, B (Editors).  (2016). Measuring and Visualizing Learning in the Information-Rich Classroom, external link. Routledge, New York.

Book Chapters
Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings


Other Conference Presentations and Abstracts


*Co-authored with graduate students

Grant or Project Title Year Amount

Social Media & Society, Carlsberg Foundation (PI)

2018 65,000 DKK

Big Social Data Analytics for Public Health: Copenhagen Health Innovation, external link (PI)

2016-2018 3,042,000 DKK

Big Social Data Analytics for Business:  Industriens Fond: Big Data Tema, external link, opens in new window (PI)

2015-2018 6,200,000 DKK

Online Review Analytics, GN Audio (PI)

2017 120,000 DKK

Rio Til Roskilde, external link, Big Data Analytics Project for Roskilde Festival w/ IBM (Co-PI)

2015-2018 450.000 DKK

Networked Business Institute:, external link Public-Private Partnership (PI)

2014-2017 3,363,837 DKK

PDF fileNovel Augmented Reality Services, external link: Nordic Innovation (Co-PI)

2012-2013 CBS: 140,000/1,501,500 NOK

International Networking Grants, external link: Danish Ministry of Science (PI)

2010-2012 1,080,000 DKK

NEXT-TELL, external link: EU FP7 Large-Scale Integrating Project (Co-PI)

2010-2014 CBS: 589,954/8,176,135 EUR


Course Code Course Title

ITM 501

Predictive Analytics and Simulation (Fall 2021)

ITM 711

Cloud Computing (Fall 2021)


Course Code Course Title
MT 8310 FinTech: Principles and Applications (Spring/Summer 2020)


  • Big Data Analytics (Data-in-Business, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark)
  • Big Social Data Analytics (E-Business, CBS, Denmark)
  • Big Data and Analytics (Executive Masters, CBS, Denmark)
  • Visual Analytics (MSc in Applied Computing, KUC, Norway)
  • Systems Development (MSc in Applied Computing, KUC, Norway)
  • PhD, Communication and Information Sciences, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, USA
  • MSc,  Computer Science and Applications, Virginia Tech, USA
  • BTech, Computer Science and Systems Engineering, Andhra University, India
  • Best Paper Award#, HICSS 2018, Hawaii, USA (List of Publications: C.114)
  • Best Student Paper Award#, HICSS 2018, Hawaii, USA (#same paper, List of Publications: C.114)
  • Best Paper Nomination, LDIC 2016, Bremen, Germany (List of Publications: C.97)
  • Best Paper Award, ACM CABS 2014, Kyoto, Japan (List of Publications: C.62)
  • Best Paper Nomination, ACM CABS 2014, Kyoto, Japan (List of Publications: C.61)
  • Best Student Paper Award*, CSCL 2009, Rhodes, Greece (List of Publications: C.22)
  • Best Paper Nomination*, CSCL 2009, Rhodes, Greece (*same paper, List of Publications: C.22)
  • Best Paper Nomination, ACM CHI 2009, Boston, USA (List of Publications: C.18)
  • Best Paper Award, ICCE 2007, Hiroshima, Japan (List of Publications: C.13)
  • Research Prize Nomination 2018, Danish Society for Education in Business (DSEB)
  • Research Dissemination Prize 2016, Danish Society for Education in Business (DSEB)
  • Research Impact: PDF fileUN Report: Mobilizing Sustainable Transport for Development, external link, former United Nation General Secretary, Ban Ki-Moon mentions Shipping Information Pipeline (SIP) as an example of IT solutions that support mobilizing sustainable transport for containerized shipping. (List of Publications: J17, C.62, C.63 & C.64)
  • Research Excellence and Industry Investment Assessment: Copenhagen Capital Region (Region H): Greater Copenhagen From Science to Business: Social Big Data, external link