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ITM 90A/B Graduation Project

On behalf of the ITM90A/B Course Coordinator, Dr. Linying Dong


Dear students, I hope this announcement finds you safe and healthy!

As we are looking forward to the upcoming Fall semester, the pandemic has posted many challenges to our familiar approach to teaching. ITM90A/B, the capstone project course, will be particularly affected for the following reasons:

1. We have seen challenges faced by students to find a client, and fear it will be more challenging in the coming academic year as organizations are focusing on adjusting their businesses due to the pandemic

2. Understanding a client's business processes and technologies used requires on site visits and documentation review, which may not be possible due to health, safety, and security concerns. This will not only deter organization's interests in supporting a capstone project, but also affect the quality of a capstone project.

Given the challenges, as the course coordinator, I consulted with the course instructors who will be teaching the course and the TRSITM Curriculum Committee. The decision was then made that NO client would be needed for ITM90AB and a case will be used in this course.

This news may disappoint some of you who have already started looking for a client. Working with a real client, while bringing in many benefits such as real life experiences, has its drawbacks such as variations in final project deliverables and in the level of client commitment to the project. A case, on the other hand, offers a real-world context and removes the unexpected and uncontrolled impact of external factors. With the case-based approach, student groups can focus on the required deliverables to their best ability.

I appreciate your understanding and support for the change.


Except for the change in the client requirement, other requirements remain the same including the following:

1. The capstone project is a group project. The size of a group is either five or six, with no exceptions.

2. To take the capstone project, all prerequisites have to be completed. You could check your status by viewing your Academic Advisement report on RAMSS, and if you have any inquiries to contact the ITM Program Assistants at

3. All members of a group have to make sure that they register for the same section, as in other ITM courses you have taken that involve a group project.

4. An updated course outline will be available on the ITM web site.

The graduation project (ITM90A/B) is a full year project whose scope is the IS function of integrating business processes, functions, and technologies, as part of an enterprise solution. The focus is on the creation of functions, technologies and business processes, as part of an enterprise solution. Value creation through the integrated production and distribution of products, services, and information will be emphasized.

Throughout this project, students will learn to apply models and frameworks, to analyze and integrate business functions, processes, and technologies and communicate solutions concisely. Students will also learn to apply business strategic management capabilities to qualify the models and frameworks being used to integrate the business functions. 

ITM90AB Project Capstone timeline. Read accessible alternative below.

Current Students

Note: The school will no longer be hosting the Graduation Project Information Session.

Check out the Capstone Project Survival Guide, a comprehensive guide covering client identification, group formation, consulting and more! The book is packed with wisdom and insights from the course coordinator and past BTM graduates.

You are highly encouraged to form a group and secure a client organization prior to the start of the class. As a result, all students who are eligible or pending eligibility will be manually enrolled into the ITM 90AB Graduation Project Google Group, external link, opens in new window. This group is designed to aid you in finding group members for the graduation project. In addition, periodically available clients will be posted here as well.

It is imperative that all group members are enrolled in the same section of the course. In order to facilitate this you MUST complete the google formITM 90A - GROUP REGISTRATION FORM, external link. Once group registrations are confirmed, the school will ensure all members are in the same section.


The ITM90A/B course (Capstone Project) spans two semesters. The very first step is to form a group with your peers and acquire a client.

ITM 90A (First Semester)

  • Month 1: Complete an industry analysis.
  • Month 2: Complete a process analysis within the company.
  • Month 3: Develop a new process design or perform a process redesign.
  • Month 4: An interim report is due during this month.

ITM 90B (Second Semester)

  • Month 5: Complete a requirements analysis.
  • Month 6: Complete a feasibility analysis and Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Month 7: Develop implementation plan.
  • Month 8: Final report and presentations take place.

Eligibility Criteria

4 Year Program & Co-op Students

Successful completion of ALL REQUIRED courses in the first three years of the program  and a minimum of 25 completed credits. It is strongly recommended that Professional Electives from Table I in Semester 5 & 6 are complete to meet minimum requirements.

2 Year Public Ontario College Diploma Students

Successful completion of ALL 10 courses in the 1st and 2nd semester of the curriculum.

Direct Entry Students

Successful completion of ALL Reachback courses listed on your Offer of Admission in addition to ALL Required (Professional/Professionally-Related) courses in the 5th and 6th semester.

*Students must successfully complete all prerequisite courses with no outstanding incomplete ('INC') grades.

Phase-Out of ITM 700/ITM 800

BTM Degree Students:

  • admitted to first year Fall 2011 and prior OR
  • admitted as a Direct Entry-level 5D in Fall 2013 and prior OR
  • admitted as a 2-Year CAAT program student in Fall 2013 and prior

If you have not successfully completed ITM 700/800, then you MUST successfully complete the following courses to fulfill your degree requirements:

  • ITM707* - Strategy, Management and Acquisition
  • ITM90A/B - Graduation Project

* You will be permitted to use ITM707 as a Professional Elective by completing a Course Exception form.

Please contact the School for more details.

Note to Students

As per the Ryerson Undergraduate Calendar, ITM90A/B is a two-term course that starts in the 7th semester (Fall – ITM 90A) and continues through the 8th semester (Winter – 90B).

As such, please note that a Winter (ITM 90A) & Spring/Summer (ITM 90B) is not guaranteed and students should plan to complete any prerequisite courses accordingly.

During the course intention process for Full-Time Degree students,  you will only be required to enroll in ITM 90A* and the Registrar’s Office will process the enrollment for ITM 90B.

Be sure to think about your future academic plans, when completing the course intention process. If you only have a few courses left and are planning to work in the day, then consider selecting ITM 90A (701E) during course intentions, as this will guarantee a spot in the evening section.  While group formations happen in the months preceding the start of the course, ALL group members must be enrolled into the SAME section of the course. As a result, it is STRONGLY recommended to form groups with students planning to enroll in the same section (Day vs. Evening).

Part-Time Degree students have priority for ITM 90A(701E). However, you do have the option to form a group with Full-Time Degree students enrolled in the Day section of the course. Please note, in doing so you are giving up your priority enrollment for the evening section.

  • Since some of the required courses are not offered every semester, it is each student's individual responsibility to manage their course planning to ensure all prerequisites are met.
  • Students should consult their Academic Advisement Report to view their degree requirements.