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Forms & Appeals

Academic Consideration Requests

We are committed to promoting academic success and to ensuring that your academic records ultimately reflect your academic abilities and accomplishments.  The Academic Consideration guidelines for undergraduate and graduate students is outlined in PDF fileSenate Policy 167

Student Health Certificates

Please complete the following steps for academic consideration requests involving student health.

  1. Have your physician complete the PDF fileStudent Health Certificate
  2. Complete the PDF fileAcademic Consideration Submission Form
  3. Submit your request through the Senate's Office online submission portal, opens in new window 

Religious Observance

  1. Complete the PDF fileAcademic Consideration Submission Form and the PDF fileReligious Obversance Form
  2. Submit the original document in person at TRS 2-004.
    • Note: If the office is closed, you may submit completed documents in the dropbox, located just beside TRS 1-002.


Other requests for Academic Consideration which are not related to health or religious observation must be submitted in writing together with the PDF fileAcademic Consideration Submission Form to the student’s program office. The letter must clearly state the reasons for the request and describe the events or circumstances that seriously impair the student’s ability to meet their academic obligations, and that were beyond the student’s control. When possible, supporting documentation must be attached to the letter. The office will notify the instructor when they have received the request.

Academic Appeals

At the end of a semester you may decide to file an Academic Appeal of a final course grade or academic standing if you believe you were not given academic consideration during the term or something was handled incorrectly at the end of the term. The formal appeal process is set out in PDF fileSenate Policy 168 for undergraduate students and graduate students. You must meet the deadlines for filing an appeal, as outlined in the Ryerson Course Calendars.

 For detailed instructions and explanations visit Standings and Grade Appeals.

For advice on your appeal, please contact the following: