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Fostering the Entrepreneurial Mindset

As part of the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS) and the Zone Learning network, the Innovation Boost Zone (IBZ) is one of 10 zones within Ryerson University. Home base to students from the Master of Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship program and Norman Esch Award winners, it is the hub for entrepreneurial collaboration, partnership, learning and capacity building, accelerating the development of Canada’s future entrepreneurs.

The IBZ team welcomes early-stage/pre-revenue startups and entrepreneurs from Ryerson and the broader Toronto community. These startups are supported on their journey to market via tailored discovery and validation programming, and also includes valuable connections within the startup ecosystem and industry partners. Our team is motivated by the entrepreneurial spirit, and what it has the capacity to do. This is why we do what we do.

57 startups currently incubated

Over 30 industry mentors and advisors

Started in 2015

Whether someone is hoping to become a founder or an intrapreneur, our team will provide the coaching, one-on-one advising, mentorship, education, startup-specific programming and a co-working space. In addition, IBZ members have access to resources via Ryerson’s Zone Learning network, along with the facilities, equipment and technical talent needed to help them design and develop their solutions. They are also offered a variety of outreach events and partnership presentations, including facilitated, meaningful interactions with external partners.

Individual development is based on the educational growth of each member through experiential learning, and every team receives tailored service through mentorship and one-on-one support. We help our teams focus on their ventures, and help them solve problems via mentors, funding, workshops and more. Our programming model provides teams with the specific support for their journey; and it matches them with experienced professionals who can deliver it.

Growth is an iterative process, and setbacks yield valuable insights for refining and executing ideas. Notably, there is no set program end date — every startup is different and we cater our resources to the problems they are facing. 

We focus on our members, and help them solve meaningful problems that lead to successful ventures.  As a result, iBoost teams become the building blocks of a strong entrepreneurial community capable of tackling some of day’s most vexing problems.