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Creativity and Beyond 2021

Level up your student experience by joining the Innovation Studio.

Do you want to expand your creativity and entrepreneurial skillsets this semester beyond the classroom? Then check out the Fall 2021 Student Memberships being offered at The Innovation Studio through the Design Fabrication Zone, Fashion Zone, Transmedia Zone, and Music Den!

Apply now before applications close September 26, 2021.

Devoted to innovation in storytelling, music, fashion, design, and maker culture, The Innovation Studio supports forward-looking creators and entrepreneurs with resources, programming and guidance within a collaborative community environment.

Our Successes

The Studio and our Zones have been around since 2013, and in the past 7 years, we have had many great accomplishments.

382 startups incubated

$194 million in revenues

2000+ members to date

1,300 total jobs created

506 total student members

78 grants and awards

Our Programs

Design Fabrication Zone logo

Design Fabrication Zone

An interdisciplinary hub for design and fabrication that strategically propels early-stage ideas for inventions, businesses and installations along the continuum from design to prototype to mass manufacturing.

Student Opportunities

  1. Company/creative project
  2. Associate/apprentice through Innovation Studio
  3. Make Collective
  4. Learning Clubs


Fashion Zone logo

Fashion Zone

At the intersection of fashion and technology, The Fashion Zone is an interdisciplinary incubator that provides growth and funding opportunities that ignite and inspire fashion innovation in Canada.

Student Opportunities

  1. Company/creative project
  2. Associate/apprentice through Innovation Studio
  3. Upcoming workshop with the School of Fashion


Transmedia Zone logo

Transmedia Zone

A community focused incubator for innovation and creative experimentation in storytelling across entertainment media platforms. We support exceptional projects that push the boundaries of what exists.

Student Opportunities

  1. Associate/apprentice through Innovation Studio
  2. TZ Clubs (email Dan)
  3. TZ Knowledge Days (email Dan)
Music Den logo

The Music Den develops economic, artistic and social opportunities for entrepreneurs in music, helping startups design sustainable long term strategies while giving them access to educational workshops, coworking space, studios and equipment, showcase opportunities, and a unique network of students, entrepreneurs and industry professionals.

  1. Associate/apprentice through Innovation Studio

Student Memberships

Applications to join The Studio/Zones as a student are now open until September 26, 2021.


You are the founder of a creative industries company or the lead on an exciting creative project and want to get support on developing, building and growing.


You want to grow your creative & entrepreneurial skills, build your resume and expand your network by joining one of our incubated teams.

Associates are matched with part-time paid and/or for curricular credit positions with teams at the Studio.

Apprentices are matched with volunteer mentorship opportunities with our media, design fabrication or music teams.

Special Programs

You want to connect with like-minded students from across the university to be inspired, learn skills and find community. Every semester, our zones offer special student-focused events, clubs and opportunities.  

Global Campus Studio

The Global Campus Studio (GCS) is an internationally-focused offering that provides students at Ryerson University and partner institutions around the world the opportunity to collaborate with diverse international teams on original creative projects. 

Open Space

The Creative School's Open Space at the Innovation Studio is a 3,000sqft production facility available to Creative School students, faculty, staff, and Zone members to develop, create, fabricate, assemble and test multimedia projects, with the assistance and consultation of technical staff.

1. Pick a membership.

Explore our memberships and see which one best suits your interests!

Some like our COMPANY/CREATIVE PROJECT memberships require you to pick a specific zone to apply to.

Others like our ASSOCIATE/APPRENTICE memberships could have you placed within any of our zones!

2. Apply online.

For COMPANY/CREATIVE PROJECT applicants - Apply to your selected zone: DFZ, FZ, and TZ. (Note Music Den isn't accepting new companies/projects at the moment.) Selected students will receive an email inviting them to present their idea to their zone's admissions panel. Based on the presentation and the application, membership offers will be sent after the presentations.

For ASSOCIATE/APPRENTICE applicants - google formApply here, external link. Selected students will receive an email about potential matches. Our staff will coordinate intros between students and teams to facilitate placements. If a student and a team are interested in working together, then the placement will be finalized.

For SPECIAL PROGRAMS - Keep an eye on that zone's social media for details on how to register or apply.

For GLOBAL CAMPUS STUDIO - Add the GCS course to your course selection.

For OPEN SPACE - Connect with our technician Joseph Lammirato for details.

3. Start your Studio journey.

You're officially part of our community! We can't wait to meet you, support you and see where your journey takes you.