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IPE Placement objectives

An IPE placement is intended to provide an opportunity for students from different disciplines to work together. The following assumptions underlie the development of an IP placement:

  • Current students will be working in interprofessional/interdisciplinary teams in their professional lives
    “Interprofessional collaboration” includes both formal “professions”, allied disciplines and clients and families.
  • Working collaboratively in an interprofessional context is different from working collaboratively in a uni-professional context
    Students don’t often have formal opportunities to practice interprofessionally as part of their academic programs, although they may have access to interprofessional teamwork within their placement settings
  • Having opportunities to both practice interprofessional collaboration and reflect on the experience is one strategy for helping student develop an understanding of interprofessional practice and tools and competencies for future interprofessional work
  • Students who participate in an IPE placement must be supported; the requisite learning may not occur without explicit guidance around the development of IPE knowledge, understanding and competencies

Overall goal of an IPE placement

To engage students in learning about, with and from one another as a means of helping them develop understanding of and beginning competencies for interprofessional team collaboration and practice.

Learning objectives

An interprofessional placement is intended to help students to:

  • Develop a beginning level of competency in interprofessional role clarification, team function, conflict resolution, and collaborative leadership
  • Experience and critically reflect on the benefits and challenges of interprofessional collaborative teamwork and practice
    reflect on their own professional role in the context of an interprofessional team
  • Develop an appreciation for the roles of different professions and professional lenses in providing holistic care and/or service

IPE group meetings

An interprofessional placement includes a series of structured IPE meetings for students to make IPE related competencies and expectations explicit. The meetings help students look critically and reflectively at their experiences in the placement as a way of helping them identify and consolidate the lessons that they are learning. Depending on the nature of the placement, these meetings entail use of all or part of the online modules, or face to face discussion or a combination of online and face to face meetings. The IPE meetings are led by a facilitator who is skilled in the facilitation of IP groups.

Placement structure

For placement partner sites: PDF fileexamples of how an interprofessional placement team could be structured at your setting


For more information about IPE placements, email: