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IRM Chargeback Services

Security Staff Extra Coverage

Ryerson University community members can make a request for extra security staff for their event on campus.*

Requests should include: event name, number of people expected to attend, names of speakers, event sponsors and any concerns identified.

Approved Coverage Requirements:

Minimum of 72 hours notice (with more notice appreciated)

Chargeback account number

$40.00* per hour (4 hour minimum)

$120.00* per hour on statutory holidays (4 hour minimum)

*Requests require approval by IRM.

*Rates may be reduced for long term, sizable and stable coverage in some circumstances.  Please email for more information.


Circumstances where extra security coverage cannot be provided by IRM.  IRM can however, assist with addressing related security needs:

-Cash/Valuables escorts or monitoring

-Sales transaction monitoring

-Traffic control


Security Infrastructure & Response, Records Management, Auditing, Maintenance and Monitoring (RAMM) Program

IRM’s Security Infrastructure Services Team is responsible for planning, designing, installing and managing the array of security systems infrastructure on campus.  The team is responsible for building perimeter systems and client systems, both of which can include card readers, door contact alarms, locking automation, motion detectors, security cameras and other devices.

Security Infrastructure Services works with building design project groups and Ryerson departments to provide risk based infrastructure planning, installation project management, and ongoing infrastructure support and management.

Security infrastructure is critical in supporting safety, security and access management on campus.  Security infrastructure consists of base building and perimeter infrastructure and department funded infrastructure, designed to meet business needs and risk assessments.  The recommended infrastructure is subsequently installed and managed through the services provided by IRM, in accordance with the internal responsibility system.  Cabling, conduit and door hardware are provided by other departments’ at Ryerson who work closely with Security Infrastructure Services to build complete security systems.

RAMM Program

The ongoing management of security infrastructure requires the RAMM Program (Response, records management, Auditing, Maintenance and Monitoring) service package to ensure that Ryerson’s security infrastructure is risk based, supported, life-cycle planned, financially reasonable and sustainable, compliant and integrated with other systems, processes and procedures where appropriate.

Integrated Risk Management provides the RAMM program as part of the university’s risk management measures, helping to ensure that security infrastructure is properly audited, maintained, monitored and responded to, and that the equipment and resulting records are integrated within the policy frameworks of the EHS Management System Policy, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Policy, the Records Management Policy, the Information Protection Policy and the Access Control Policy.  The RAMM program also helps ensure that Ryerson’s security infrastructure is technologically and operationally integrated into other security risk mitigation measures in use at Ryerson.  All RAMM program elements are necessary to ensure this, and as a consequence, the RAMM program is both necessary to support all security infrastructure on campus and is only offered as a complete service package.

Further, centralizing these services across campus through the RAMM program creates economies of scale which support competitive pricing while still maintaining Ryerson’s high standards for safety and security.  We are pleased to report that through the RAMM program, there have been no increases in per-device support costs to our clients in over six years.


The following outlines the costing of the RAMM elements:






$359.00 PA

Card Readers with DGP Setup


$925.00 PA

Card Readers without DGP Setup


$623.07 PA

Day/night Relay without DGP Setup


$31.00 PA

DGP Setup


$301.93 PA

Intrusion System (single door)


$62.00 PA

Motion Detectors


$31.00 PA

Panic Button


$31.00 PA

Panic Pull Station


$31.00 PA

Special Panic Pull Station


$31.00 PA

*Price varies to site condition, type of devices, available infrastructure

**Cabling/Conduit, door hardware, and physical infrastructure not included in pricing



Contact us

In case of an emergency on campus

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Contact Ryerson Security and Emergency Services at
416-979-5040 or dial 80 from any internal phone

Security and Emergency Services

Location: 111 Bond Street
Phone: 416-979-5040
Fax: 416-979-5380

Integrated Risk Management Office

Location: 11th Floor, Jorgenson Hall
Phone: 416-979-5000 ext. 7096
Hours: Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Risk Strategy Office

Phone: 416-979-5062