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The ITRAS Training Series

June 13 - 17, 2016

Every year senior decision-makers in the public and private sectors are faced with the task of having to make risk-related decisions. The Integrated Threat & Risk Assessment Service (ITRAS) assists Ryerson University in this process.

ITRAS is the central repository for risk-related information and data at the university. The mandate of this group is to provide knowledge products and services to senior decision-makers who are seeking objective, evidence-based intelligence to expand their knowledge and enhance their ability to make effective, risk-related decisions.

As Canada’s leader in innovation and career-focused education, Ryerson University is proud to present the ITRAS Training Series. Each session provides attendees with world class, professional training in the area of safety and security through the facilitation of academic and industry leaders.

"This is a must training course for all staff that manage facilities or have some application for safety and security."

- Brad Cameron
Assistant Director, Public Safety
City of Fredericton


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