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Simulator Forms Headers


It is the simulator's responsibility to ensure that they bring a timesheet to each simulation session (downloadable below).  These forms, along with a helpful tool for recording feedback notes and the current payroll schedule are available for download below.

In addition, we have provided a link to the ISTC Simulator's Manual below with detailed information about your role and responsibilities as an ISTC simulator.

The video at the bottom of this page below entitled, "Giving Feedback", provides clear examples of effective and ineffective approaches to delivering feedback to simulation participants.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office.

Safety and Security

Your personal safety is important to us. Ryerson University Security Services are available 24/7 to assist in the event of an emergency and provide safety and security support to all Ryerson employees.

Emergency Procedures

Walk Safe Program

Security Contact Info (24 Hours/7 days a week) -

111 Bond Street


Contact Information

The ISTC is located in the Sally Horsfall Eaton Centre for Studies in Community Health, Room 672 on the 6th floor, 99 Gerrard Street East (See Map).

Tel: 416 979-5000 Ext. 4802
Fax: 416 598-5909

Administrative Coordinator:
Brenda Massey-Beauregard
Tel: 416 979-5000 Ext. 6339

Trainer: Katherine Turner
Tel: 416 979-5000 Ext. 4806

Trainer: Margot Collins
Tel: 416 979-5000 Ext. 4805

Trainer: Geoff Kolomayz
Tel: 416 979-5000 Ext. 4805

Simulator Forms

* Simulator Evaluation Questions.pdf
Questions filled out by the instructor/facilitator evaluating the Simulator's performance
* Simulation Feedback Form.pdf
Simulators may wish to use this form to make note-taking easier when gathering feedback to deliver to participants
* Vocabulary and Word Choices for Feedback.pdf
Simulators may wish to use this guide to assist pairing emotions with results using the Feedback Model
* Communication Wheel.jpg
Simulators may wish to use this tool to broaden their Feedback vocabulary

Simulator Resources