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Thank you for your interest in the ISTC Live-actor Simulation Program. 

Unlike role-play exercises or interactive computer programs, an ISTC simulation involves highly skilled actors trained to portray the history, personality and physical / emotional state of a particular character.  Each simulation is designed to recreate actual events than may occur in the workplace or academic envrionment.  These powerful interpersonal interactions with simulated clients, consumers, team members, employers and employees enable learners to interact in real time at a high level of authenticity.  Our simulators also deliver timely, personally relevant feedback that increases participants' self-knowledge and can have a lasting impact on their professional development.

Learning and Teaching

To book a simulation: 

1.  Please review the Facilitator's Checklist and FAQ's page prior to selecting your simulation. 
2.  Select a simulation scenario from our Catalogue of Simulations
3.  Complete the online booking form
4.  Download and submit the ISTC Simulation Request Form, including the instructor worksheet. 

(Please review the ISTC Simulation Booking Policy.) 

Please see Facilitation Resources for Instructors for additional support and information on how to facilitate an ISTC simulation. 

In addition to our existing catalogue of over 100 scenarios, ISTC simulations can be customized to suit the demands of your curriculum and help you to meet a variety of teaching goals and learning objectives.

Professional Development

Communication skills have been identified as a critical consideration in the hiring process by employers nationwide. They are also seen as the area of greatest development potential within the existing workforce. 


ISTC Simulations can: 

• Maximize the impact of your professional development programs 

• Immediately enhance interpersonal skills and allow for more effective communication 

• Help you to attract and retain the best people possible through objective evaluation and feedback 

Our team will consult with your organization to design a custom simulation or interactive workshop tailored to your professional learning and development needs.


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