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What is the ISTC? 

The ISTC Live-actor Simulation Program is a unique example of experiential learning at Ryerson University.  For over 20 years the ISTC team have dedicated themselves to providing innovative, high-quality, professionally relevant skills development to students, faculty and staff across the university.

We work in close partnership with faculty, staff and our external clients to design and deliver authentic experiences that mirror their academic and/or professional environment.  The ISTC system of immediate, behaviour-based feedback provides a personally and professionally relevant opportunity for reflection which has a lasting impact on learners’ behaviours and skill development.

What is a Live-actor simulation?

Live-actor simulations are re-enactments of events that may occur during actual face-to-face interactions with clients, patients, consumers, or employees in the workplace.  Unlike role-play exercises or interactive computer programs, ISTC simulations involve highly skilled actors trained to portray the history, personality and physical/emotional state of a particular character.

A live-actor simulation is a more powerful tool than a role-play or case study assignment. Participants interact with simulators (actors) in real time, in a realistic atmosphere, with low risk to individuals. Unlike other forms of experiential learning "the simulator plays a predetermined role familiar only to the simulator and the facilitator.” When interacting with the simulator, learners employ interpersonal skills appropriate to the situation. Immediate feedback offered by the simulator provides an opportunity for each participant to reflect on his/her individual interpersonal abilities. Through this process learners have an opportunity to internalize knowledge and skills that they   are subsequently able to apply to their professional careers.  To view ISTC simulations in action please visit the Resource for Facilitators - Video Resources page. 

Why Use ISTC Simulations? 

ISTC simulations can be used to teach, to evaluate and to challenge. They provide a wide range of experiences allowing learners to practice their interviewing skills, supervisory skills, group leadership skills and /or team-building skills. Because the simulations are standardized and repeatable they can be used to assess a learner’s skill and knowledge over time. Each simulation can meet a variety of objectives allowing for a broader application of skills. 


ISTC simulations are effective because they… 

• Can be used to assess and evaluate performance 

• Provide immediate feedback to participants 

• Create a safe environment for learners to take risks and make errors 

• Adapt to various learning levels 

• Can be repeated in a standardized manner for ongoing assessment 

• Ensure authenticity through training of skilled simulators 

• Meet your goals and objectives through adapting or designing custom scenarios 

• Address multiple learning domains 

• Are Fun and Engaging! 


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