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Simulation Catalogue

The ISTC Catalogue of Simulations contains over 100 scenarios and interactive workshops designed to meet a broad range of learning, teaching and professional development objectives. 

We invite you to review the scenarios, listed by topic below, and then contact us to request a simulation or to explore other options through custom simulation design.

           New Simulations

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Team and Group Dynamics These simulations allow participants to experience interpersonal interactions in group settings, with a focus on setting agendas, facilitating discussion and managing conflict.       
Employment and Business

These simulations place participants in professional, business environments where they employ critical interviewing, problem-solving and decision-making skills.



These simulations are designed to raise awareness around issues of diversity by challenging stereotypes and encouraging participants to employ empathy and active listening to overcome their own preconceptions and biases.


Marriage and Relationships

These simulations challenge participants to explore a range of marital  and relationship issues, with an emphasis on empathy, building trust and maintaining open communication between parties.

Aging and Personal Well-Being These simulations challenge participants to identify and understand issues associated with aging, using active listening, empathy and compassion.  
Adolescence and Family Relations

These simulations encourage participants to create safe environments where individuals and families can discuss their issues and challenges, helping them to listen to one another and, where appropriate, seeking collaborative solutions.

Mental Health These simulations are designed to increase participants' awareness of mental health issues, encouraging them to respond to both verbal and non-verbal cues, convey empathy and work to develop a clear understanding of the client's needs.  
Healthcare The goal of these simulations is to foster a rapport between the patient and the participant acting as a healthcare professional, helping them learn how to be responsive to medical conditions while displaying empathy and understanding.  
Placement Preparation and Professional Development for Students

These simulations place participants in settings where they can hone their observation or interview skills and learn how to present themselves as ideal candidates for a placement or professional development opportunity.

Research Support

These simulations place participants in a research environment where they can practice critical listening and interviewing skills in order to better collect data for research projects.

Interdisciplinary Practice

These simulations allow participants to practice collaboration and conflict management in a group setting involving team members from multiple disciplines.

Facilitated Workshops These workshops offer participants the opportunity to explore issues and challenges related to interpersonal communication, collaboration, diversity and leadership.