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Interactive Workshops

MBA Orientation: Professional Behaviour Makes a Difference

Co-op Education Interview Preparation

Integrated Student Services Training

Inclusive Classroom

TA/GA Training: Navigating Critical Relationships

The following simulation-based workshops are available upon request, subject to the availability of an ISTC facilitator.

MBA Orientation - Professional Behaviour Makes a Difference

This workshop was developed in collaboration with Dale Carl, Director of Graduate Students, Ted Rogers School of Business Management at Ryerson University.

In this 2 hour workshop, learners observe and engage in several scenarios that provoke conversation about professionalism in an academic setting.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES:  to highlight team dynamics, maintaining professionalism in various settings, awareness of personal biases, respecting diverse viewpoints

SIMULATOR ROLES:     Helen Murray, guest lecturer

                                    Charles, MBA student

                                    Nadia, MBA student

                                    Frank Davies, CEO

                                    Bill Peters, MBA student

                                    Dr. Mary Thompson, instructor

                                    Karen Morgan, VP, Rogers Communications

LEARNER ROLE:          Ryerson MBA student

SETTING:                      Various settings in which learners would need to interact with faculty or fellow students at Ryerson

* This workshop is facilitated by a member of the ISTC.

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Co-op Education Interview Preparation

This workshop was developed in collaboration with the Office of Cooperative Education at Ryerson University.

This workshop serves as an introduction to the skills co-op students will need in order to succeed at their interviews with potential employers.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES:  to experience what happens in a placement interview – the do’s and don’t’s

SIMULATOR ROLES:     Meredith Davis – HR manager for Harbrace Incorporated

                                    Larisa Tomas-Heaney – Co-Op Student

                                    Ryan Miller – Co-Op Student

LEARNER ROLE:          observer – to make suggestions, reflect and comment

SETTING:                      the workshop requires a theatre-style classroom that can accommodate                                      up to 75 co-op students

INFORMATION FOR LEARNERS: handouts and Power Point presentation provided

* This workshop is facilitated by a member of the ISTC and the team from the Co-Op office

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Integrated Student Services Training         

This workshop was developed in collaboration with Maxine Laine and Tony Conte, Integrated Student Services at Ryerson University.

This 2 hour workshop engages learners in a series of vignettes designed to highlight some of the challenges to providing excellent customer service. The emphasis is not on having the “right answer” but a CS attitude and a few good lines!

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: listening skills, problem-solving, demonstrating understanding, developing collaborative solutions and goals, maintaining professionalism while providing good customer service

SIMULATOR ROLES:     2 simulators play a variety of roles        

LEARNER ROLE:          Various staff positions throughout the university campus           

SETTING:                      A variety of settings: library, Undergraduate Admissions and Liaison                                           Desk, Student Information and Advising Centre, OneCard office, Student                                    Services/Career Centre  

 * This workshop is facilitated by a member of the ISTC.  Slides and handouts available.

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Tuning in to the Inclusive Classroom

This workshop was developed in collaboration with the Senate Learning and Teaching Committee  and the Learning and Teaching Office at Ryerson University.

This 90 minute to 2 hour workshop for faculty employs a series of vignettes to stimulate critical thinking and discussion about the challenges of creating inclusive learning environments.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: to identify and describe impact of assumptions on student learning, to experience the benefits of an inclusive learning environment, practice responding to critical student needs, providing guidance and thinking on your feet

SIMULATOR ROLES:     there are a number of characters who may be part of the workshop

                                    Georgia and Michel – two instructors

                                    Ivan, student

                                    Agnes, student

                                    Lisa, student

                                    JJ, student

                                    Additional characters are being created

LEARNER ROLE:          engaged participant and observer                     

SETTING:                      a room that can accommodate 20-40 instructors as well as provide facilities for power point slides that set the scenes

INFORMATION FOR LEARNERS: From rapid –fire warm-up challenging assumptions to witnessing a scene between two instructors to students engaging you to hear them and assist them, this workshop will tune you in to the importance and necessity of the inclusive classroom. Discussions are rich, informative, challenging and always cause for reflection.

* This workshop is facilitated by a member of the ISTC. 

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TA/GA Training: Navigating Critical Relationships

This workshop was developed in collaboration with Matt Feagan and the Learning and Teaching Office at Ryerson University.

A TA is caught in the middle between his/her supervising Professor and a student representative with serious concerns about how the course is being taught and the inability of students to succeed.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: demonstrating to TA’s the complexities of their working relationships, formulating and practicing responses to charged situations, challenging personal biases and assumptions, maintaining objectivity, developing collaborative solutions, identifying supports and resources, identifying positive interpersonal interactions

SIMULATOR ROLE:       Professor Sutcliffe

                                    Chris, TA

                                    Jules, student

LEARNER ROLE:          observing action and offering possible solutions                       

SETTING:                      hallway encounters, outside offices of Faculty of Education

Note: Learner handout available

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