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Placement Preparation and Professional Development for Students

1003: Child & Youth Care Student Placement Interviews

1004: Early Childhood Education: Student Placement Interview

1007: Eye-Witness Incidents for Journalism


1003: Child and Youth Care Student Placement Interviews

This simulation was developed in collaboration with Sheldon Reinsilber of the School of Child and Youth Care at Ryerson University.

Prior to their placements, students will be interviewed by 4 potential employers.  Each employer has a unique perspective on their role and will challenge the students to reflect on their answers.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES:  self-presentation skills, maintaining professional demeanor,

SIMULATOR ROLES:     Terry Richards, CAS

                                    Jesse Mendes, 311 Jarvis

                                    Leslie Green, Pleasant Valley Elementary School

                                    Teresa Stegner, mental health unit

LEARNER ROLE:          CYC student applying for placement

SETTING:                      Open setting: all 4 employers are present in 1 room, like a job fair                 

INFORMATION FOR LEARNERS:  You will be interviewed by 4 individuals representing different agencies.  This is in preparation for placement; you are being assessed and at the same time deciding whether this would be a good learning opportunity for you.

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1004: Early Childhood Education Student Placement Interview

A kindergarten teacher seems to be having trouble keeping perspective as she interviews prospective student teachers.  An education student must respond appropriately to some inappropriate interview tactics.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: readiness for job/placement interview, responding to non-verbal cues, self-presentation skills, maintaining professional demeanor, demonstrating empathy

SIMULATOR ROLES:     Leslie Green (40ish)

LEARNER ROLE:          Education student applying for ECE placement

SETTING:                      Leslie’s classroom at Pleasant Valley Elementary School                  

INFORMATION FOR LEARNERS: This is an interview with elementary school teacher, Leslie Green, to determine whether she will accept you as a placement student. 

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1007: Eye-Witness Incidents for Journalism

These simulations were developed in collaboration with Ann McNeilly, Lisa Taylor and Jan Wong School of Journalism, Ryerson University.

A journalism instructor is interrupted while delivering a lecture. The ensuing “incident” is used as fodder for discussion and reflection.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES:  attentive observation, reliability of eye-witness accounts, determining a lead, determining next steps, writing the story

SIMULATOR ROLES:     Several scenarios are available

LEARNER ROLE:          Observers

SETTING:                      Classroom

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