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1005: Research Assistant Training

1006: Community Consultation/Research

1005: Research Assistant Training

This simulation was developed in collaboration with faculty members including Jacqui Gingras, School of Nutrition and Janice Waddell, Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing, Ryerson University.

Characters are developed to meet the requirements of the research project – from a 1st year nutrition student to a 4th year student or nursing students being interviewed around how their programs support career resiliency

LEARNING OBJECTIVES:  to practice interviewing skills and to evaluate the efficacy of questions while allowing the principle investigator to observe and support the RA

SIMULATOR ROLES:     as required for the research

LEARNER ROLE:          Research Assistant

SETTING:                      as determined by the research


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1006: Community Consultation/Research

This simulation was developed in collaboration with the Daily Bread Food Bank.

Using Participatory Action Research/Peer Research Model, community researchers were engaged to conduct an important People’s Review of the province’s social assistance system.

Simulated characters were created to reflect some of the possible community peers they would need to interview.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES:  practice active listening skills, focusing the interviewee, encouraging dialogue, dealing with inappropriate comments, dealing with barriers to communication,

SIMULATOR ROLES:     all characters need or are on social assistance –

                                    Peter - has health problems and problematic history with the system

                                    Cindy - a recent immigrant who has been abandoned by husband

                                    Stephen - living on the street with mental health and addiction issues

LEARNER ROLE:          Community Researcher

SETTING:                      As determined by the research project                     

INFORMATION FOR LEARNERS: You are a community researcher needing to conduct interviews within your community to provide up-to-date information about     the impact of how social assistance is delivered in the province. The overarching goal o the project is to achieve tangible changes in social assistance that lead to income security while developing your skills and capacity as researchers.

*Learner Handout and Facilitator Handout available

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