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What instructors are saying:

"As always, as very rewarding experience and this service is stellar! I so appreciate that we have this available to us and just wish we could use the service more! Actors are always exceptional and ISTC staff are beyond helpful, knowledgeable and accommodating!! I cannot praise this service more!!"


Dawn Onishenko
Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
Ryerson University


"Thank you to the ISTC for being so organized and supporting this assessment simulation - it was a seamless experience and all the actors were professional, timely and friendly. I really value the wonderful service provided by the ISTC."


Elizabeth Manafo
Program Manager, Internationally Educated Dietitians Pre-Registration Program
Chang School - Ryerson University


"I felt truly supported; the process was thorough, organized and completely meet the needs of the student assignment. I would highly recommend this simulation experience. Thank you very much!!"

Cindy D Smith
Professor, School of Early Childhood Education
Seneca College

"What a wonderful program you provide. It was extremely well organized, professional and effective. We look forward to working with you again in the future as this tool greatly enhances learning."

Celina Carter
Research Coordinator, Urban Health Research Program
Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing - Ryerson University


What clients are saying:

“The focus of the Ryerson Law Practice Program (LPP) is to help lawyer licensing candidates develop key skills that are critical to their future success in the practice of law in Ontario, including communication and client management skills.  Having actual "clients" in four of their files, with whom our candidates would meet and interview over the course of four months, gave LPP candidates tangible experience and development.  

The ISTC team was supportive throughout the process, from the planning and development of the files and client characters, to the coordination of the involvement of the simulators and to the training of simulators - they understood our overall goals and were always creatively and thoughtfully engaged.

The team was flexible and willing to offer simulations online (as well as in-person), which was an important requirement for the Ryerson LPP.   At the end, candidates indicated that they thoroughly benefited from the work with the ISTC "clients" throughout the program.”

Gina Alexandris, LLB, MEd
Director, Law Practice Program
Ryerson University

What participants are saying:

Participant feedback from “Courageous Conversations in the Workplace” – for Ontario Public Service managers:

"The support that was provided during the Courageous Conversations simulation was appreciated...It clearly illustrates the need for Ontario Public Service (OPS) managers to show more empathy with dealing with staff. This [simulation] should be mandatory for all levels of management in OPS."

“Simulations with actors were highly effective. Much more useful than role play with participants”

“Everyone should take this course and put into ‘action’… we can make a difference.”

“Really, really helped to solidify the learning. The actors were fantastic!!”


Participant feedback from a Workshop developed for Toronto Public Health:


"Having simulators made it real and I was able to... assimilate it to life situations."


"One of the best workshops I've attended in a long time."


Students and Former Students

"I remember the feedback I got from the simulator who was acting as a chaotic teen. It's the hallmark of my career. I worked with teens and I do a lot of groups. It's been many years since I have experienced the simulation and I still remember the feedback I recieved. I have built that into the way I handle individual clients and the way I work in groups."

"When I meet students from other universities who haven't experienced simulation, I find they have a lot of knowledge, but they lack the confidence that students get if they can practice their theory in an environment that is very much like their experience in practice."

"I am happy I chose Ryerson because there was a lot of group work and activities like simulation. That's always remained with me, the hands on experiential learning. It's the highlight of the school."