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RSJ Voices

Dan Berlin

Dan Berlin shares a few pieces of advice that the journalism program taught him.

Sonya Buyting

Sonya Buyting talks about finding the passion in journalism storytelling.

Jowita Bydlowska

Jowita Bydlowska reflects on why her first-year classes are so valuable to her career now.

Piya Chattopadhyay

Piya Chattopadhyay expresses her passion for journalism.

Peter Cowan

Peter Cowan shares why he loves the hands-on experience he gained at Ryerson School of Journalism.

Amanda Cupido

Amanda Cupido explains the benefits of having the transferable skills she gained at RSJ.

Cole Deakin

Cole Deakin shares his favourite memories at the RSJ.

Tara Deschamps

Tara Deschamps shares her most memorable project.

Kyle Edwards

Kyle Edwards shares the value of learning many journalism skills to find his true passion.

Kat Eschner

Kat Eschner summarizes some of the most valuable skills she gained at RSJ.

Viviane Fairbank

Viviane Fairbank shared how she discovered what kind of journalism she chose to pursue.

Angelyn Francis

Angelyn Francis explains how her first-year opportunities gave her the ability to thrive as a journalist.

Paul Hunter

Paul Hunter shares how his skills impacted his journey to CBC.

Marta Iwanek

Marta Iwanek shares how RSJ allows students to hone their craft.

Jeyan Jeganathan

Jeyan Jeganathan shares how stepping out of his comfort zone landed him on air.

Jeff Lagerquist

Jeff Lagerquist shares the beginning stages of his career as a financial journalist.

Dom Luszczyszyn

"Ask and you shall receive," sums up Dom Luszczyszyn's experience at RSJ.

Carly Maga

Learning how details matter were some of Carly Maga's highlights at RSJ.

Shallima Maharaj

Shallima Maharaj shares the benefits of learning to be a multifaceted journalist.

Eternity Martis

Eternity Martis shares the most valuable skill she learned while attending RSJ during her graduate studies.

Farrah Merali

Farrah Merali talks about the overlap between technical skills at RSJ and in the industry, and how personable the professors were.

Aarti Pole

Aarti Pole emphasizes the importance of the people that are effected by stories.

Anand Ram

Anand Ram explains how "playing and experimenting" with different types of journalism turned into doing.

Tashauna Reid

Tashauna Reid says staying curious and stepping outside of the box is key when telling stories.

Russell Sabio

Russell Sabio gives his take on why journalism will always be relevant.

Shannon Cuciz

Shannon Cuciz emphasizes the convenience of RSJ's location.

Nitish Bissonauth

Nitish Bissonauth gives credit to RSJ for giving him the experience needed to succeed in the industry.

Arti Patel

Aarti Patel talks about the importance of being a multifaceted journalist.

Jennifer Yang

Jennifer Yang talks about how hands-on and internship focused the RSJ program was during her time at Ryerson.

Steven D'Souza

Steven D'Souza emphasizes the importance of technology and constantly learning how to use it at RSJ and in the field.

Tanya Cruz

Tanya Cruz describes the different skills learned in the program and how they are still relevant in her career today. She also mentions that networking and making connections starts within the program.

Dana Goldstein

Dana Goldstein says the RSJ experience offers invaluable experience to build the skills needed for your desired career path.

Derek Rider

Derek Rider says RSJ provided the fundamentals of writing, storytelling and documentary film making and 10 years later, he still uses these skills in the workforce.

Maham Abedi

Maham Abedi encourages students to learn and try everything at J-school to find out what kind of journalism they love doing the most.

Joe Rayment

Joe Rayment describes how his job helps other journalists and how important networking at RSJ is.

Matthew O'Mara

Matthew O'Mara never imagined he'd be working in podcast but his time at RSJ and career took him there.

Karma Brown

Karma Brown talks about many ways the RSJ program prepared her to be a novelist. Her biggest piece of advice is to read and stay current.

Emily Joveski

Emily Joveski talks about her experience learning radio at RSJ and how it got her the job she has today.

Candance Maracle

Candance Maracle says she had amazing professors at RSJ that made her question her story ideas. She has taken this skill with her when creating documentaries.

Al Donato

Al Donato says journalists should act as a microphone and amplify stories instead of changing their narratives.

Adrian Cheung

Adrian Cheung talks about three things that a good journalist needs: to be curious, empathetic and to hustle.

Ann Hui

Ann Hui find the hands-on experience at RSJ key to landing a job in the industry.

Haley Cullingham

Haley Cullingham learned that long-form non-fiction is what she loves doing by taking RSJ's feature writing course and the RRJ.

Emanuela Orsini

Emanuela talks about her experience and skills learned at the RSJ and how being multilingual has helped her shape her career.